Dr. Thornbrush’s School for Wayward Girls

An experimental AI-controlled reform school

Chapter 1 by Sassypants Sassypants

Dave took another glance up at the monolithic facade of the “building” he and a few other guards had been hired to watch. There was the chain link fence perimeter several hundred yards away, with a couple more guards guarding the gate. Razor wire at the top and security cameras helped to secure a wide birth around the School for Wayward Girls.

The building itself was very nondescript in its nondescriptness. Other than being very institutional, almost governmental, in appearance, no one would probably give it a second glance if not for the guarded fence around it.

The school had just opened several weeks earlier. Dave’s training had been light on specifics of what actually happened inside the school, other than an advanced AI system ran the place and “educated” wayward girls to become “proper young women,” whatever that meant.

Most of the girls that came in to be inserted into the school were docile, either from being stoned out of their minds or from withdrawal symptoms. Dave wasn’t a big guy, standing at five feet and eight inches tall. He was more wirey than muscular. But he knew some wrestling moves, and was able to insert the girls without much trouble

Most days on the job were dull. Between patrols around the actual school, Dave and his coworkers mostly stood around, smoked, and talked about sports, the weather, what happens inside the building, random topics like that. There was little to do on the job other than that. The pay was decent for such an easy job, so Dave didn’t mind the boredom. A few guys previously had quit, expecting something… more with this job. He wasn't sure what they were expecting. Maybe more interactions with the girls in the school? Maybe more excitement? Dave was perfectly happy with the paycheck and the boredom.

The few instances when the boredom was broken was when a “wayward girl” was brought through the guardhouse for insertion into the “school.” Sure, Dave daydreamed about the “naughty schoolgirls” just beyond the walls he guarded. But truth be told, all he knew about what happened inside the building was that it was entirely automated and that some nerd had gotten a grant from the government to build this place. He wasn’t sure what happened to the girls once they were “inserted,” as they called it, into the school. But he guessed that they had brought it. On themselves by loving whatever lifestyle brought them here. There hadn’t been that many girls inserted into the school yet, but the size of the building suggested that it could house and reform many

He and the other guards were standing around, discussing the upcoming football season when his radio kicked on it was the gate guardhouse.

“Got a new candidate coming through for insertion. You chuckleheads ready for her?”

Dave smiled at his coworkers, absentmindedly ran a hand through his black hair, and unhooked his radio from his belt, pressing the talk button. He held it up to his mouth.

“Sure. We could use a little entertainment here,” he said to the guardhouse

The guards that he had been talking to that were smoking dropped their cigarettes and ground them out with their feet. Within a few minutes, they could see a car’s headlights approach the gate. The car stopped there for a few more minutes, and then slowly pulled towards where they stood.

The two front doors opened, and to large men, wearing dark suits, got out. They didn’t seem to be too pleased with this situation. Or maybe they just weren’t happy about the person slumped over in the back of the car.

The driver approached Dave and handed him a large manila envelope.

“Here’s her details. Name’s Stephanie Adams. History of use, petty theft, and prostitution. Her arrest records are in there,” he said as he handed over the envelope to Dave. “Her fingerprints are in there, too. That should be everything needed for… this.” He nodded his head towards the building. “Any idea what happens in there?”

“None,” said Dave as he took the envelope.

The driver looked up at the school and shook his head. “Seems dangerous to me, but what do I know?”

Meanwhile, the passenger was slowly trying to rouse the girl out of the back seat. She was thin, and while apparently somewhat coherent, she wasn’t trying hard to resist. Dave assumed she was stoned, as most of the girls inserted here were.

The girl was dumped, unceremoniously, onto the asphalt driveway by the passenger. Dave immediately ran over and helped her stand. Or at least tried to. Stephanie was almost completely dead weight. She moaned softly as David hoisted her to her legs and threw her arm over his shoulder to keep her upright. “You don’t need to be so rough with her!” he snarled at the passenger.

“Whatever,” the man said dismissively. “She’s not our problem anymore.” He turned to the driver as he started climbing back in the car. “C’mon, let’s go.”

The he driver opened his door, smiled at the guards, and gave a terse nod. “Gentlemen.” He then climbed in the car, closed the door, and drove off.

One of the guards from the guardhouse walked up as the car pulled down the driveway. “Give me her info,” he told Dave, who was still supporting the girl, trying to get her to stand. “I’ll input her fingerprints in the system so she’ll be ready for insertion.”

“Need a hand with her, Dave?” one of the other guards asked.

“Nah. She’s not heavy and pretty out of it. This should be quick and easy.”

The guardhouse guard took the manila envelop and half jogged back towards the guardhouse. Dave half carried and half dragged Stephanie around the corner of the school to the insertion portal.

The portal was actually a small booth on the side of the building. The door on the outside was a slab of reinforced steel without any handles or hinges. It had a small portal window around face high in it. The door into the school was solid, without any obvious handles, hinges, or openings. It was just a solid slab of metal as far as Dave could tell.

The security system devised to ensure that the right people were inserted into the school. It consisted of having to be activated by a guard with two factor authentication. The first was a key card. The second was a retinal scan. Short of stealing a keycard and plucking an eye out of someone’s head, it would be very difficult to access the insertion portal.

To ensure the right girl was placed in, a hand scanner was used. It matched her fingerprints to those from her arrest as well as police databases for past arrests. This checking and double checking ensured that the right person was inserted into the school.

Dave hoisted Stephanie up, grabbing the arm not around his shoulder and placed her hand on the scanner. It scanned her hand and beeped with an error.

Sighing, Dave guessed the other guard hadn’t scanned her fingerprints in yet. He waited a bit, then tried again. The scanner lit with a green light and the school recognized Stephanie Adam’s as the next “student” to be inserted.

Dave turned, the girl still hanging loosely from his shoulder and shot a thumbs up to the camera that fed back to the guardhouse.

A speaker crackled to life. “You OK, Dave? Jim’s asleep here and I’m going to go hit the head.”

“Not a problem,” Dave said, as he waved to the camera. He dragged the girl over towards the steel door to authorize her insertion.

He did the retinal scan first, with Stephanie still , still draped around his shoulder. The scanner’s beam moved up and down his eye several times before it identified him and lit up with a green light.

He tried a couple of times to get his key card out, but holding Stephanie up made that difficult. He lowered her gently to the ground and got his key card out. He placed it on the scanner. He suddenly found himself falling to his back as a lithe feminine leg swept across his ankles, knocking him over.

Too late he realized that Stephanie had been playing possum, waiting for her chance. He sprung to his feet as the girl was on him. Dave reached for his radio, only to have another sweep of her leg kick it out of his hand.

“Krav magra, bitch!” Stephanie snarled as him as her foot nailed Dave straight in his stomach.

Dave swung a fist at her, but she grabbed at his wrist. He managed to wrap his arms around her and turn her to face the door.

With a sudden twist…

Does Dave or Stephanie wind up in the insertion portal?

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