Distant Outpost

The first days

Chapter 1 by mattpantyhose mattpantyhose

I know next to nothing about the army, it was only intended as the background of an erotic story, so please do not bash me too hard about that part :)

But I would still be happy to get any other feedback from you, constructive criticism is most welcome.

The outpost was known as Fort Holidays among the soldiers, but the officers mostly considered it a place of detention. Your superiors would send you there to get rid of you and help you “reconsider your inappropriate actions”. That last phrase was what captain Sarah Bendt heard along with her new commission. But unlike most officers she was not angry, she had never been the one to kiss asses in order to get a promotion and had gotten in trouble a bit too often because of her big mouth.

Captain Bendt, called by those who were inimical to her “Sarah Bends”, was thirty five year old intelligent woman who had been too assertive to be quickly promoted in the army; her sardonic sense of humour did not help either, although strikingly good looks could have, if she had desired to use them. She was 168 centimetres tall and stayed in a perfect shape; she ate healthy and obviously exercised regularly; she had long slender legs, full hips, round firm buttocks, equally firm C-cup breasts, narrow waist, youthful face and long wavy auburn hair. Sarah could easily pass for someone ten years younger.

Fort Halloway, because that was its actual name, was one of those places which purpose nobody could explain, but since it was the army no-one ever asked that question. The outpost was well equipped and maintained, although some of the stuff was a bit outdated. But most of all it was awfully distant and isolated, with a prehistoric but operational radio station being the only form of communication. Yet a garrison occupied it for nine months of the year (it was empty during the winter).

Getting a command of a platoon was a bit of an insult for a captain, but Sarah simply considered the entire expedition as a paid holiday and aimed to spend it accordingly. She was going away from all the colonels and generals, with three dozens of soldiers, one sergeant (all men) and three trunks of non-military stuff that she would not dare take anywhere else while on duty.

When the platoon arrived at their destination it was an early evening and the weather was balmy; as the trucks that brought them here drove away with the previous garrison it really felt like a beginning of a holiday.

The rest of the first day passed in a blink of an eye, getting settled took some time, especially since the Captain was not hastening anyone. Although the soldiers were a bit curious about the quantity of their commander’s luggage which they carried to her quarter.

The next day started as early as any military one, but right away there was something signalling that this particular commission might be different than others. It was not uncommon for Captain Bendt to join the soldiers on their morning jog, everyone knew that Sarah took good care of her body and that body was secretly the subject of many… let’s just call them compliments. The astonishing part was her outfit, Captain Bendt was wearing a pair of opaque purple pantyhose and an orange thong leotard. Yep, the vintage gym clothes. The thong and hose made Sarah’s full buttocks look simply divine, a not-so-subtle murmur appreciating the sight went through the platoon. Sergeant whose name was Mitch was the unlucky one, he would be leading the jog, with the Captain right behind, so he could not admire the view.

The soldiers did not run as orderly as they usually did, since everyone wanted to get a glance and thirty six men could not fit on the path in a single line. Sarah acted as if she was completely oblivious to the commotion, although she must have been perfectly aware that her outfit would cause such reaction.

After the jog the Captain did not go away immediately, she remained in order to stretch; that was a customary action after running, right?

She bent her waist with her legs straight to touch her toes and repeated that motion several times, she assumed a wide stance and touched the toes of each foot interchangeably etc; all done right in front of the soldiers. The men did not even try to pretend that they were not staring; they all just stood there with their mouths open and admired the athletic body of the only female in the entire outpost.

“Thanks for the company, boys. Enjoy your day”. Sarah gave them all a genuine smile and left.

Obviously all the men were a bit aroused by the sight, but what they did not know was the fact that the object of their admiration got slightly hot herself as well. Captain Bendt had a dirty little kink and she was playing out her secret fantasy.

For her next activity Sarah picked a more secluded place though, she might have had a minor exhibitionist streak, but sunbathing topless in front of her soldiers would have been crossing the line. The woman put on a skimpy bikini, took a large towel and found a peaceful but sunlit spot. There she took the bikini top off and worked on her tan.

Captain Bendt joined the soldiers during the dinner for which she put on a short light summer dress; with her hair loose she looked youthful and fresh. She sat with the men by their table and they made plans for a volleyball match which would take place shortly after the meal.

Sarah might have been significantly shorter than most of her soldiers, but she could still jump high enough and played the game well overall. Yet her skill was overshadowed by her outfit; for this game she wore a sports bra and shorts, these were shorter than those usually worn by female volleyball players and did not fully cover her buttocks. Once again the Captain acted as if she did not notice the glances and did nothing to hide her impressive glutes.

She joined one of the teams and they played a regular game. Sarah ignored all the mistakes made by her teammates who were standing behind her, they had a good reason to be distracted, especially when she bent preparing to receive the opposing team’s serve. The overall atmosphere was amicable, but the slight erotic tension could be easily sensed by the more experienced Captain. After all she was dealing with a bunch of young men and teasing them knowingly. They still called her “Capt’n”, but as time went by it began to sound more like a nickname than a rank.

Sarah did another subtle thing that was poorly disguised way of teasing. After each successful action she playfully slapped buttocks of the nearby teammates; this was not an uncommon activity among the professional players, but they were always of the same sex and peers at that. The soldiers just went on with it but gave each other confused glances. They might have been young but they were not stupid, their commanding officer was behaving oddly and they were unsure about her motives and expectations. Eventually one of the men whose name was Ted found the courage and slapped the captain’s booty after her successful attack. Since she reacted neutrally, just like she would have to a high five, all the men understood that this was the way to go. Sarah’s booty got casually slapped until the end of the match and no-one said a single word about it.

Ultimately the Captain’s team lost one to three.

“We’ll have to do better tomorrow. Maybe we should think of some stakes to raise the morale of our team, huh?”

“Have something in mind, Capt’n”.

“Not yet, but I’ll have to sleep on it. So can you, I’m open to ideas”.

“Sure thing, Capt’n. Thanks for joining us”.

“The pleasure is all mine”. She did her best Xenia Onatopp impression, winked her eye and left for her quarters.

The day was not over yet though and Sarah planned to join the soldiers at the canteen as well; in a completely different outfit this time. When Captain Bendt entered the canteen the soldiers were already engaged in various activities - some were playing pool on the few tables, other played cards, darts or foosball, many simply talked while sipping nonalcoholic drinks. All turned their heads and got silent when Sarah’s heels clicked on the floor. She was wearing a tight short red dress that hugged her athletic body and exposed her slender legs, it also had a deep cleavage that gave a generous view of her C-cup breasts, the view was discreetly enhanced by an expensive bra. On her legs the Captain wore black fishnet pantyhose with a tiny net, the heels that made the noise were black Louboutins on a thirteen centimetre stiletto heels. Apart from red lips her makeup was natural.

“Hi, boys. Mind if I join you?” Sarah’s voice was playful but more on the neutral side, with the impact her sight had made there was no need to spice it up more with a seductive voice.

The short silence that followed her question was finally broken by Ted:

“Sure thing, Capt’n” He said with a wide grin.

He had been the one who first slapped back Sarah’s booty during the volleyball game.

“I just kicked Jim’s ass and I’m looking for a worthy opponent.”

“You found one. And tonight just call me Sarah.”

“My pleasure, Sarah. The stakes are five bucks, I hope you’re fine with that.”

“I got an even better idea. Did you know that there is beer here?”

“There’s booze?! Really?”

“Yeah. And I got the key. If you can beat me you’ll get your five bucks and everyone will get a beer.”

“Hell yeah! You’re on! Listen everyone, we’re going to have a beer tonight.”

The Captain remained silent at that remark, but those who were standing closer to her and saw her amused expression lost a little faith in Ted and his skill.

Some could consider high heels as a form of cheating, but since they only evened out the height disparity it seemed fair that Sarah wore them. But the heels combined with the mini dress made the game itself pretty lame in comparison to a different spectacle. All of the men came to watch the game, supposedly of its importance, but in reality they wanted to admire Sarah as she bent over the table. Her nylon covered legs were a sight to behold and so were her buttocks under the tight dress and the cleavage. Even Ted had problems focusing on the game, the other soldiers ignored it almost completely. The billiard balls were insignificant next to the sexy female body and a chance of an upskirt. Sarah kept fixing her dress, but by the end of the game the soldiers were confident that she was wearing a red thong.

But it was not the distraction that was Ted’s main problem, it was the Captain’s skill. The soldier could brag about his own and it was true to a certain degree, but against Sarah he was simply outmatched.

To hit the last ball Captain Bendt had to assume quite an awkward position. She raised her right leg and place it on the table, bent at the knee; since the other leg had to touch the flood the spread was significant and the tight dress hiked up nearly to her waist. Sarah was bend in half over the pool table, her buttocks covered in a red lacy thong and black fishnet pantyhose were sticking out for the entire platoon to admire. The whole canteen watched in silence as the Captain hit the ball perfectly and it landed in the pocket. Sarah stood up straight, fixed her dress as if nothing had happened and exclaimed in a triumphant voice:

  • Sorry, boys. No beer today, you’ll have to do better next time.

She winked at Ted as she extended her hand for the money. He absentmindedly handed her the bill.

“How about a game of poker, Sarah?” Asked another soldier, Corporal Bill. “It would be unfair to give us only one chance.”

“You’re totally right, I’m game.”

Poker was not nearly as… visually attractive as billiard, although the Captain looked sexy just sitting with her legs crossed too. Bill was even more distracted by the cleavage than Ted, it definitely did not help him maintain the poker face. Sarah turned out to be as good at poker as she was at pool. Not only Bill lost a few dollars, he also did not win the beer for the platoon.

“Third time lucky, Sarah?” It was a young soldier named Chris who challenged the Captain.

“Where do you think you can beat me?” She replied teasingly.

“At darts.”

“All right. Show me what you got.”

Sarah had a decent hand-eye coordination, but not much experience with darts themselves. But the more important part for the soldiers was the standing position in which the game was played. They could once again admire their Captain’s sexy body.

Chris might have been young but was really good at the game and ultimately it was him who won the beer for the platoon. A loud cheer rewarded his feat, but even if he had lost they would not have been mourning. The soldiers had already received an eyeful and were overall happy with the evening.

The beer was warm, but no-one complained; the Captain of course joined her soldiers by the drink.

“We could move a round of beers to the fridge, but then I’d no longer be the only one with the keys, so here’s my proposal - announced Sarah - we can compete each evening at any games. Let’s say three games per day, if you win all three everyone gets three beers. Obviously cold ones are better, so we’ll move them to the fridge. But no cheating! Once I learn that someone took a beer on his own the whole deal is over. Are you game?”

The proposal was universally welcomed with enthusiasm, but there was one curious soldier who asked:

“If we keep winning won’t we run out of the beer soon?”

“You’ll have to win first”. Replied Sarah with a wink - but don’t worry, we might be far from the world, but I know someone in the logistics who would gladly trade beer for favors.

Nobody asked what kind of favors and the Captain changed the topic:

“Do you have any music here? I’d like to dance.”

If she had asked for a smoke there would have been three dozen extended hands with lighters. After that request there were only acousticians, DJs and of course dancers in the room.

Various tunes were played and few of the soldiers were lucky to hold Sarah in their arms and dance with her. Apart from Sergeant Mitch they were poor dancers, but the Captain did not complain and thanked each of them after the dance, the young soldiers were as happy as on their first date.

Eventually the party ended, not too late since tomorrow everyone was again supposed to get up early. Sarah was the first to leave and three dozen gazes followed her rocking hips and long legs as she headed to the door.

The captain had one more thing to do before the shower. All the teasing had obviously aroused the young men, but not only them. Sarah had a hell of a fun showing off her hot body, but that activity had made her actually horny; fortunately she was prepared for that eventuality as well. She stripped naked and got onto the bed, she took with her the Hitachi Magic Wand, a large penis shaped dildo and an anal plug. She began by lubricating the plug and carefully inserted it into her anus. The toy was mediocre in size, which for Sarah meant slightly larger than an average penis. From there she proceeded to a nearby part of her body.

The Captain started with just her own fingers with which she gently rubbed her clitoris, but soon the “gently” would not suffice and the fingers were replaced by the Magic Wand. Sarah played with that toy for a longer while, her moans were getting louder with each passing moment. When eventually she reached for the dildo and carefully inserted it into her vagina the moans were soon replaced by even louder cries; the Captain was a screamer and whether it was just masturbation or actual sex, silence was not an option; and when she was really horny, just like that evening, neither was caution. Sarah had completely forgot not only to cover the window in her bedroom (which was located behind her bed), but to even close it. The three too curious soldiers who did not go directly to their barracks from the canteen were having the show of their life. Their view was somewhat limited, but the Captain made up for it with her noises.

Sarah was fiercely pumping the dildo in and out of her vagina while at the same time holding the Wand by her clitoris, the toy was vibrating at full speed. When she finally climaxed the motions of her dildo hand became hectic, but the one holding the other toy remained steady. Her entire body trembled and she screamed loudly; if more soldiers had been outdoors, they could have heard her too.

Eventually she calmed down and put the toys aside, she lie back breathing heavily, her body still trembling gently. She did not notice the three soldiers as they carefully departed.

The next day began just like the previous - with a morning jog. Captain Bendt was dressed in the same fashion, but with different colours, this time the leotard was blue and the pantyhose beige, which gave the effect of her legs and buttocks being bare; the thong cutting between the cheeks only emphasized that effect.

The soldiers enjoyed this jog just like the previous one, after that they were again rewarded with a spectacle of stretching. The view of a stuck out booty was too much of a temptation for one of the soldiers and ultimately he found the courage to spank Sarah as she was bending.

“Hey!” She jumped up in astonishment.

It was more a reaction of a college girl who kind of appreciates the attention, than one of an angry woman. The Captain did not pursue the guilty and did not even protest, but instead returned to the stretching. Later she pondered about recent events as she sunbathed on her own.

Sarah joined the soldiers for the dinner wearing the same summer dress as the day before.

“How did you learn to play the pool and poker so well, Sarah?” Asked Bill.

“Just like you learn any other game - by losing many times. One loss was especially fateful, so it fuelled my motivation.”

“Sounds like a good story…”

“... but one for another time” The Captain winked in response.

Sarah participated in the volleyball game in the same outfit as previously, Ted welcomed her by slapping her buttocks.

“Good to have you on the team” He said with a mischievous grin.

“Because I play so well, right?” She replied with a wink.

“Of course.”

“I got an idea to raise the stakes of the game” she added “in the canteen we’re going to once again play for the beer and you might win something or not. Let the victorious volleyball team get one beer from their opponents. What do you think?”

All the participants agreed.

Sarah once again successfully mixed flashing her sexy body with serious play. Unfortunately her team once again lost, but this time two to three after a close game.

For the evening at the canteen the Captain of course had to choose a different outfit, this style was completely different. She put on a pink bodystocking, its top part was made of dense lacy pattern that covered her breasts, the bottom was an imitation of stockings with thick tops and a suspender belt, the part that was supposedly not covered with nylon was made of tiny barely visible fishnet. Equally pink g-string was her only lingerie, since a bra would not fit with that item. A tight white mini skirt covered her hips and buttocks and a pair of white fuck me heels on a thirteen centimetre heels were on her feet; that was not a trashy stripper pair though, they were slutty but expensive. Sarah’s makeup was not overly flashy though, she did not want to look outright like a hooker, pink lips were the only not natural part.

This time the soldiers were not as reserved, the Captain was welcomed with compliments and even catcalls; she met them all with a smile on her face.

“So, boys, you think you’ll get to drink a beer tonight?”

“More than one.”

“Who’s the confident player today?”

“Me - it was a soldier named Rick.”

“Show me what you got.”

The Captain was in an even more playful mood than the previous day, so she decided to add some teasing to the game. Last time she assumed the risque revealing position because it was necessary, in this game she decided to do it several times just for fun. She partially climbed onto the table, bent forward or spread her legs, each time letting the short skirt hike up high. Apart maybe from Rick no-one really noticed that these positions were unnecessary game-wise and the balls could have been hit from different angles; all men were too focused on the hot nylon-covered body. Sarah fixed her skirt each time with the same nonchalance and acted as if nothing had happened. But the view of her pink body, especially the booty was turning the soldiers’ faces red.

Each time the Captain assumed a risque pose it was not only exposing her hot body, but also hurting her game. The balls could been hit in a more efficient way, but she neglected efficiency for teasing and style. Rick was not a better player than Ted and surely had an inferior skill to Sarah, but ultimately she had narrowly lost because of her deliberate decisions. It was hard to imagine that Rick was not aware of that, he might have been distracted by the sights, but knew how to play the game.

“You got lucky this time” commented the Captain with a wink.

“There are still two more games to go. How about foosball for a change?”

“But that’s a team game. How can I be sure that my partner is playing at his full skill? It’s in his interest for our team to lose.”

“You’ll play with John and his the best of us.”

“All right. I trust in your fair play.”

John was indeed the best foosball player of the platoon and it was thanks to his skill that the game was somewhat close. They still lost though since Sarah could barely play it at all. She did not seem to be worried about it, just like she was not bothered by her loss at darts soon afterwards. The soldiers not only got a good view of her back side, they all won three beers each for the evening; the Captain of course joined them for the drink. Dancing music was put on without a prompt.

Three beers are not enough to get an adult man actually drunk, but they do rise a bit the level of courage. Sarah once again danced with Mitch because of his skill, but for other partners she picked different soldiers than previously, so that everyone would get a chance. They were all a bit more touchy than yesterday, but she did not discourage them in the least.

They talked as well.

“You had mentioned a good story, about how you learnt to play the pool, Sarah…”

“Oh, that one. I’m not sure…”

“Come on!”

“Tell us!”

“Don’t be such a tease” this soldier probably would not want her to follow his advice.

“All right, but this story doesn’t leave this place. Understood?”

“Yes, ma’am!”

I was in my early twenties and a cocksure bitch. I was already pretty good at pool, but considered myself the best, especially better than any MAN. There was that guy a couple years older than me, he was an extraordinarily handsome asshole. Charming in a way, but still a huge asshole. I hated him and it gave me huge satisfaction to defeat him twice in a row, a hundred bucks per game, so it was a serious matter. He suggested “third time lucky, but let’s double the stakes. If you win” he said “I’ll give you 200 bucks, but if I win you’ll suck my cock”. “You fuckin’ asshole” I told him, “that’s not all” he replied “you’ll suck me here, in front of my mates”. There were four of them, but apart from us and the bartender the place was empty. I showed him the finger but said “All right motherfucker, you’ll be 200 lighter in no time”. You see, the first two games weren’t exactly easy, but I won them quite convincingly, so I was sure I could defeat him the third time without a problem. It turned out he was toying with me the entire time. He had spent the 200 bucks on the first two games only to set up the stage. In the third game he beat me without breaking a sweat, he had planned it from the start to humiliate me. I guess that I could’ve just walked away and leave him the money, I’m sure that they wouldn’t rape me, there’s a long way from an asshole to a rapist, but at that point I preferred to be considered a slut rather than a coward. So I got on my knees and he wiped out his cock, the guys called the bartender so I had a five man audience. I was humiliated, but also enraged. He had played me like a kid and that angered me more than the blowjob. Already there I had learnt my lesson.

The cock was huge! Long, thick, with equally large balls, lucky for me all trimmed and clean. I started sucking cocks at an early age and had already learnt that I had no gag reflex, so swallowing it whole was not a big problem. The men cheered and whistled when I deepthroated him, but I just wanted to be over with it as quickly as possible. One more problem was later when he started cumming. I didn’t want my clothes stained, so I had to swallow it and the guy came buckets! I tried to swallow as he shot but before he finished I had a mouthful nevertheless. I swallowed that too and managed to keep my clothes clean. All the men cheered again, but I just ignored them.

There was a short silence as the Captain apparently finished the story. Finally someone asked:

“Did you see any of them again?”

“Yeah. Frank, he was that guy, later became my boyfriend.”

“What?! A boyfriend?! You said you hated him.”

“Well… we seemed to be a complete mismatch, but still something clicked. The sex was awesome for sure. But that’s a story for another time, I can’t tell you all at once. The moral of this story is the weakness of pride and underestimating your opponent, not the blowjob.”

“Yes, mom!” someone said.

“It’s getting late, kids, time to sleep” Sarah followed the joke.

“Yes, mom!” the entire platoon replied.

But some of the “kids” did not go directly to their beds, there were a few who instead followed the Captain to her quarters. They stood outside of her bedroom, careful as not to get spotted. Sarah was as oblivious to the company as yesterday as she picked up her toys, this time she chose a larger anal plug, the rest remained the same and so did the routine. The Captain lie in her bed and masturbated with her fingers and all of the toys, she was again genuinely loud as she moaned, cried and screamed. The soldiers were less careful with their voyeurism with each passing minute, but as Sarah drowned in ecstasy, she became completely oblivious of the surroundings. After an even more intense climax she laid for several minutes on the bed and rested, while the men ducked beneath the window and remained silent. They only left when she went to the bathroom.

It has only been the second full day of the excursion to Fort Holiday and it had already been a lot of fun to all of the participants, but one of them especially. Who knows what more could happen in the upcoming three months...

What's next?

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