Castratrix Interview

Jack and DeDe talk about emasculation

Chapter 1 by nicetits nicetits

Jack sat in his make up chair stairing at his phone, waiting for a text. He and his wife, Amy, had been separated for three months at this point. Jack could have survived without her, but she had locked his cock in a cage before walking out his door with the key. Jack had been trying to get back together the whole time, but Amy knew that it was only because of his cage. Before getting a response for his latest attempt at freedom and orgasms, his boss came in. "Jack! Get up and get going! This interview is going to be the biggest thing to happen to this station."

"Yes, Mz. Steer." Jack gave his boss a long, hard look before getting up. He started with her black high heels, then her long legs clad in a knee lenght, black skirt. Next, he lingered on her cleavage. She had never dressed modestly, and today was no different; her cleavage went all the way to below her firm, large breasts. He finally made it to her head, with her sharp features, cold blue eyes, and long blonde hair. His penis strained against his cage as he remembered her drunked strip tease at the previous office Christmas party.

Jack walked out to the news van, but zoned out for the trip to the prison. He vaguely remembered something about his camera woman saying that DeDe, the interviewee, being her hero.

When Jack finally came back into the world of the living, it was time to brief DeDe on how the interview would go. "Hi, my name is Jack Wanke. I'll be the one interviewing you. We want to start with your charges, but then we want to talk about your experiences making porn and working as a dominatrix." Jack put out his hand to shake DeDe's.

"I'm not supposed to have physical contact with men," she said. Jack retracted his hand as DeDe continued to speak. "I'll be happy to talk to you about all that, but most interviewers ask me about whether or not my breasts are real."

"Of course we won't need to do that for this interview," Jack said.

"No, I want you to ask." DeDe said. "And don't interupt me again. Remember what I'm in here for." DeDe winked and whiped a lock of her long, pink hair out of her face. "Here," she said, handing Jack a piece of paper. "I want you to ask these questions first."

Jack took the paper, and cleared his throat. "Ok, lets star rolling."

What is the first question?

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