Bussy Teeth

Bussy Teeth

Alternate World

Chapter 1 by cammy136 cammy136

In this world women don’t exist. Instead the two sexes are Top and Bottom. There are biological differences between Tops and Bottoms. Tops are at least 5ft 10in and are more muscular, they have two types of cum, Breeding cum and Owning cum.

Bottoms are all shorter than 5ft 10in and are usually more twink like but can work out to become muscular. They only have Milking cum. They have a cavity in the side walls of their bussies which tops are able to easily access to fuck. It is in these cavities that if a top cums Breeding cum then the bottom will become pregnant almost certainly, each pregnancy usually has two or three babies, the probability of these babies being Tops or Bottoms is determined by the ratio of Breeding cum and Owning cum that the father gets in the cavity. If a top cums in a bottom but not in the cavity then the Owning cum will make the ass develop thorns that only allow the entry/exit of the (now) owner of the bottom. Any other penis that tries to enter will be cut.

Modern society has been shaped by two major inventions in the 1800s. The first was robots that could do all the work, these roles were all previously done by bottoms, but now the ruling Tops had decided that robots would do all work apart from public facing roles such as restaurant/cafe workers, cashiers and hotel workers. The reason that these roles had been protected from the robots was so bottoms could be sexualised and provide eye candy for Tops.

The second was a that bottoms could take to remove the thorns in their ass. The is now illegal but is widely sold in the underworld and powerful tops use it to steal bottoms from other owners.

There are two types of tops:

  • Socialite elite - these tops are very wealthy and very powerful, they run all governments and have brutal regimes the keep the population under control. They create massive harems of bottoms to breed and own.
  • Lone Rangers - these tops are a social class down from the social elite. They often do not create large harems, instead choosing to have one night stands regularly and may a bottom to marry them. Lone rangers are the group that make up the military police, keeping bottoms under control, although many are corrupt and form underground gangs to gain more money and power. Despite these corrupt ones they all remain loyal to the government

All bottoms are to work or live lives that give them the greatest chance of becoming owned. Most bottoms do this and then become part of a harem. The ones that do this are often loyal to the government.

Some bottoms are recruited by gang leading lone rangers, these bottoms run illegal and carry out murders on other gangs/troublesome police officers.

Some bottoms are anarchists, they show no loyalty to the government and try and start revolutions, they actively and attack Tops and try to free owned bottoms.

Who do you follow?

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