Bully Possesses Mom For Revenge

Bully Possesses Mom For Revenge

Bully Possesses Mom

Chapter 1 by Theninjagamer308 Theninjagamer308

At school I literally embarrassed the bully, but little did I know if would come back to haunt me.

I had come home after a long day at school, I then hear my Mom telling me to come into her room.

I then enter her bedroom, and to my horror I saw my mom masturbating. Eww Mom I say your nasty, “now is that anyway to talk to you mommy she said.”

But Mom why are you masturbating because I can she said, as she stood up and put both fingers in her mouth sucking them dry.

Mom please stop I beg her to stop, oh your such a dumb fuck she said. Excuse me what I ask as I’m very confused, it’s me youdumb fuck it’s Peter.

“What I say how are you in my Moms body, oh you’ll never find out he said.” Then he grabbed my moms tits and squeezed them together.

Then he let out a huge moan, why are you doing this I ask?

Well let’s see I hate you for one thing, also you embarrassed me at school today. You literally made fun of me in front of all my friends, and they actually thought it was funny.

“Now your gonna pay the price” he said, how I ask as I get a huge lump in my throat? Oh you’ll find out soon enough, now got go your room and think about what you did to poor Peter, he said as he laughed evilly.

I then left my Mom’s room, and I went to my room and began to think about how he could’ve gotten into my Mom’s body.

I also wondered what else he was gonna do to my Mom’s poor body, and what he was gonna to to me in it.

All I knew was I had to figure out a way to stop him, if I could even find a way to reverse the effects of what he did to my mom.

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