Chapter 1 by Ryanx360 Ryanx360

Created by: MrSuits. (permission obtained from the author Mr.Suit to republished on this website for the sole purpose of audience enjoyment with no monetary gain.)

"There he is mom! I've found him!" I heard the loud call of my 10-year-old cousin as she stepped off the train. She was as excited as she normally was to see me, running up and wrapping her arms around my waist into a hug. "Hi Alice, how are you doing?" I asked her patting her on the head.

"I'm great!" She chirped still squeezing me tightly. Behind, her mom, or my aunty Sharon, was just getting off the train carrying their three bags of luggage. It was my mom's best friend who she'd known since before I was born, though they were so close that she became my aunty.

"Hello!" She smiled pleasantly at me, however that was all I saw of her face as my eyes quickly darted down to her massive breasts which jiggled nicely as she dropped off the train and onto the platform. Not wanting to look like a perv though I dragged them back up to her face.

"Hi! Good journey?" I asked as politely as I could, giving her the kind and polite façade I always put on when family came over.

"Yes excellent." She replied dropping the bags and leaning in for a hug. I returned the hug feeling her soft breasts pressing like pillows against my chest and smelling the sweet flowery scent of her perfume. I probably held the hug for slightly too long, simply enjoying basking in the closeness of my body to hers, though I had to release as not to make things awkward.

"I'll get these." I said grabbing their luggage and leading them away.

As we walked the few hundred meters back to my families house me and my aunty discussed the normal things, how my school was going, and how football was. As we did I couldn't help but take sly glances at her large chest as it jiggled with every step. I'd been infatuated with it ever since I hit puberty. My aunties chest being practically the size of watermelons how could any teenage boy not be, I imagined that she was ogled to no end by the boys at the school which she taught. She taught year 7's which was about the year I would have been when I'd first started noticing her huge boobs.

In fact, I remember the day I became infatuated with them, my aunty had bent over to clean the kitchen table after a family meal and her low-cut top left a huge window in which I could see her huge bra clad boobs swaying majestically as she wiped. I didn't even know back then that 'Cleavage' was the word for what I was staring at, but boy did that dark chasm of delicious milky flesh arouse my interest. Since then my fascination in big breasts has only grown and with it the huge crush that I have on my aunty.

Though I had to say she wasn't exactly the best-looking woman I'd ever seen, though she was by no means ugly. Her face was average, at least for a 46-year-old woman, she had soft green eyes, a small but strong nose and a mouth that was constantly curled into a kind tender smile. Framing her face was her brown shoulder length hair which she always wore down, having never seen her with it tied up or back. She'd probably best be described as a knock off Jennifer Anniston, in her face at least, her body being way different. Below the neck was what I really liked about her because my aunty was curvy, really god damn curvy. She had those massive boobs hanging from her chest, but below them she had wide hips and ass that most women would kill for, it being round and large and ever so firm.

Her body was currently hugged nicely in the clothes she wore. Her huge globes being contained in a green sweater which, although being high cut and boring, accentuated the curves and sheer size of those huge mountainous peaks. As for her large bubble but, that was being hugged nicely within the confinements of her tight jeans, I dropped back slightly as we walked to get a better look at it, before swiftly catching back up. I wasn't sure whether my aunty knew she had a totally vulgar body, she dressed in a way that was totally respectable for a middle-aged woman but yet totally showed off her body at the same time. Whether she did or not, I didn't care, I was just happy to take in her body whenever I had the chance.

When we arrived at the house and she was greeted by my parent's I had one of these chances, whilst they were all distracted talking I gawked at her curvy body from behind. A shiver of excitement tingled down my spine, I couldn't wait to get my hands on it later.

You see I'd been passively staring at my Aunty for years now, but after so much gawping at her clothed curves I wanted to see more. In anticipation of her next visit I used the internet to search for ways that I could, though it was all spy camera's and peep holes all of which were way too risky. Then it was as if by magic whilst browsing YouTube, which I swore didn't have popups, that a mysterious advert appeared on my screen. "Possession Gun" the colorful ad said. I was about to click off when I glanced over and saw what it claimed to do. "Take control of anybody in your life. Whether it's a crush, a celebrity, a teacher, or even a complete stranger. They're all yours to play with for £14.99". Naturally with what it was promising I was intrigued, so I clicked on it and was taken to a website. Scrolling through there was a video of the 'Possession Gun' being used. I clicked on it and watched as a middle-aged man used the gun to shoot a girl walking down a street, when the bullet hit her she instantly froze.

The man then approached her frozen body before literally stepping inside of it, a second later the girl started moving again, she headed straight up to the camera giving the thumbs up and the video ended. It was surely just special effects, but as I scrolled through the website and watched the plenty more videos available I started to believe more and more that it was real. I mean each of them was of the same guy and one of them was even of him using it on Jennifer Lawrence! Whilst she walked her dogs he shot her with the gun and then quickly ran over and took over her body, then flashing a mischievous grin at the camera all the while her dogs barked manically. How could they get Jennifer Lawrence to act in that? This was the final straw and for £14.99 it was worth it, even if it was fake. So, I ordered one.

I was pretty surprised when, as promised, a day later the package arrived at the house. I signed for it then quickly sprinted back up to my room to unbox it. I ripped the box open and the next thing I was holding a weird looking metal gun in my hand. I read the instructions, "Simply aim and fire" It said. Reading on a bit further it turned out that it was a pay to use thing, it cost £10 per use and each use lasted 12, however the first use was FREE. That's all I needed, I wanted to test it but the only person in the house was my mom. "Ah fuck it." She was my only choice so I headed down to the living room where she was watching TV, peaking around the door slightly before shooting her. I watched as she suddenly stopped moving, had it worked? I slowly made my way into the room, she didn't move or say anything, I waved my hand in front of her face, her gaze didn't move. The first part worked! Now how about the second? I remembered the videos on the website and decided I just needed to literally go into her.

So I turned around and sat down, I fully expected to land on my mom's body but instead I phased right through it instead landing on the couch. Excited at this I quickly laid down fully and then for a brief second everything went black. When I reopened my eyes I knew something was different, I sat up, feeling the extra weight on my chest. "It fucking works!" I exclaimed hearing my mom's voice leave my lips. Quickly getting up I ran over to a mirror and was greeted by my mom staring back at me. "I'm controlling mom!" I said grinning, watching as her reflection had the same grin in the mirror. The gun I'd bought was totally legit. I spent the rest of the day playing video games as my mom, even after my dad got home from work no one could tell me to stop because I was in charge. When I was ejected from her body at 11pm after 12 hours as her I discovered as she made me a hot chocolate that she was non-the wiser that I'd been in her body.

"So, you had a good day mom?" I asked her in the kitchen.

"You know I can't for the life of me remember, just one of those days I think." She shrugged, smiling happily at me as she handed me my hot chocolate. I was shocked but extremely pleased that she had absolutely no idea that I had been wearing her like a suit. I went to bed that night with a raging erection, excited about what was to come.

That night I decided exactly what I wanted to use the gun for. That was a week ago now and the day has finally come, I just had to wait until the right opportunity, but boy was I excited.

I was practically shaking whilst my parents and my Aunty caught up, my mind racing with thoughts of what I was going to be doing later. So rather than stand there and look like a mad person I took their suitcases up to the spare room before heading back to my room and grabbing the gun from under the bed. "Later my friend. Later" I grinned.

I then calmed myself before heading down stairs back to everybody to continue to act like the gracious son and nephew which I knew I far from.

For the next couple of hours, as dark fell, we just watched TV and I kept Alice entertained with my iPad. Though as my little cousin showed off her skills at Angry Birds I couldn't help but stare at every aspect of my Aunty Sharon's body. Soon it would be mine. My penis had been hard at the thought of it for over an hour, eventually I decided I needed to rub one out, so casually tucking my erection into my waist band I went upstairs. Once in my room I jumped onto my bed, instantly whipping out my penis and beginning to ferociously masturbate. I was just about cum when suddenly I heard footsteps coming up the stairs, I had to hold myself back from coming, it was rule number one of wanking, never cum if you hear movement, so that the person doesn't enter the room and find you all covered in cum. I quickly pulled my pants up and headed over to the door, peaking through the small gap I saw my Aunty Sharon, her tits jiggling nicely as she climbed the stairs. It's like she was taunting me, telling me I had 4 hours to wait before I could enjoy her sexy body whilst everyone was asleep. She went into the spare bedroom across the hall, I watched as she bent over, presenting her big round ass to me, and opened up a suitcase. She pulled some things from it and put them on the floor, my eyes were drawn to one thing especially, the big hefty white bra that she'd thrown down. I rubbed my still erect penis through my clothes as I imagined those big cups being wrapped around her breasts, around those big pale masses of beautiful flesh, imagining her big hard nipples, or whatever they looked like, pressing against the soft material, imaging what it would feel like.

"Oh I can't fucking resist!" I groaned heading over to the bed and pulling out the gun from under it. I turned the thing on and checked that it was still logged into my PayPal, which I'd connected it to earlier before I headed over to the door. I peered around and saw she was just about to turn and leave, so wasting no time, and just like I had done with my mom, I pulled the gun around the door and shot her square in the head. Instantly she stopped moving. I quickly sprinted across the hall and into the spare room, closing the door behind me.

Looking my Aunties frozen body up and down I could hardly believe it, I finally had access to her body and in a few moments time it would be all mine. But before I clambered on inside I couldn't help but look her frozen body over, it was weird being able to examine somebody like this. I got up close and personal in her face, right now I could see every last freckle on her pale aging skin. I bent over and looked up her nose, it was unpicked and primed with plenty of bogeys for me to enjoy later, if there was a habit that I needed to drop it was nose picking, but most people do it, really I just needed to be more secretive about it.

Suddenly though, as I was looking up my frozen aunties nose, I heard footsteps coming up the stairs. "Sharon? Did you find it?" It was my mom, and she was about to walk in on my staring at my frozen Aunty. I had to get in her! Quickly, wasting no time I went behind my frozen aunty and in one smooth motion I stepped into her body. My vision went black for a moment before quickly returning. I was now wearing my Aunty Sharon's body. I didn't have much time to ponder this though as my mom burst into the room.

"Did you find it?" She asked though I had no clue what she was referring to.

"Um... No." I said awkwardly, now being very aware that it was my aunties husky, yet feminine voice leaving my lips. I turned to my mom noticing that we were now level in height, having been nearly a foot taller than her previously, being rather lanky and skinny myself.

"Well I'm sure its in here somewhere." My mom said then bending over and beginning to search through the suitcases. As she did I took stock of my new form, my hands came up and briefly cupped the two huge breasts that now hung from my chest. They felt so heavy! I then brushed them down my sides, then bringing them round and to a stop on my Aunties large rump, feeling the firmness of it as I gave it a light squeeze.

"Ah here it is!" My mom abruptly exclaimed making me flinch back to a normal standing position. She raised up some sort of key, it probably being the key to my parent's villa in Spain which my Aunty and Uncle had just visited. I couldn't help but remember going to Spain with my Aunty, a full week of her huge breasts clad in nothing but a tight black one-piece bikini, that was a good week. But this week her huge breast would be clad in absolutely nothing, this was going to be a better week!

"You coming back down to watch a film then?" My mom asked, though I knew it wasn't actually a question and I could hardly say no.

"Um... Ok. I'll be down in just a second." I managed to buy myself some time. My mom said "ok" before heading downstairs, I however darted straight over to the bathroom. Once in I locked the door and headed straight over to the mirror. My mouth curled into a cheesy grin when I saw my Aunty Sharon staring back at me, the same excited expression splattered across her face.

"Why hello beautiful, and you are beautiful!" I said doing what was my Aunties best joker impression. I pulled a number of silly faces in the mirror watching as my Aunty did the same. I pulled her nose up and started honking like a pig, bursting into laughter when I saw her do the same. It was so weird watching her act so strangely, usually being so prim and proper that it was funny seeing her like this. I felt a little bit of gas building up inside and decided it was better out than in. I squeezed hard and suddenly it came out in a loud toot, I burst into laughter again. "I thought women didn't fart." I joked.

"Sharon, are you coming?" I then heard my mom shout up the stairs. Fuck! I had to go.

"I'll be seeing you later." I almost taunted my reflection as I turned to leave the room, though not before catching a whiff of the fart I'd just let out. "What a stinker" I joked before heading downstairs.

My family were all sat down waiting when I re-entered the living room, and as I sunk down in the couch next to Alice none of them were any the wiser that I was an imposter wearing Aunty Sharon's body. Not even her own daughter.

When the film started I knew I was never going to be able to stay the full feature, the fact that I was currently wearing my Aunty and the sight of her breasts bulging into my vision was simply turning me on too much. I could actually feel my Aunties pussy getting wet, it pained me to be in here watching some childish film when I could be upstairs exploring this stolen body. That's why after about 10 minutes of agonizing waiting I excused myself from the room.

"Do you want me to pause it?" My dad asked me as I left.

"No, keep it going. I uh... Need to ring Kevin." I said referring to my Aunties husband, then I quickly left the room.

I pretty much leapt up the stairs, so eager to get into the bathroom that the bounce of my stolen breasts nearly pulled me down into a face plant. But luckily I stayed on my feet and swiftly made it into the bathroom and back in front of the mirror. "Why hello again!" I said, once again greeted by the sight of my busty aunt staring back at me.

"Well no point in waiting!" I reached down and grabbed the hem of my sweater and pulled it over my head. It snagged momentarily on my aunties large tits, but with a harsher tug and it sprung right off. I threw it on the floor before looking back to my reflection. "Fuck me!" I said as I saw my aunty now topless but for a huge lacey white bra, her huge fleshy tits spilling over from the sides, the bra clearly being to small. Though I bet it was hard to bra shop for tits this big, the bra was probably bespoke.

Wanting to go further my hands reached up behind my back and began unbuckling the straps of the bra. A moment later I felt myself lurch forward as the latch sprung undone. I grabbed the cups of the bra to not let them fall off, keeping my aunties modesty covered for now, I wanted to make this a moment to remember. I had to prepare myself mentally, I was about to see my aunties boobs! Boobs that I'd been yearning after for over 6 years, boobs that I should never ever see naked, but I was about to. And, as I felt my hands pressing against the soft masses and watched in the mirror as I pressed them into my chest making their size look obscene, I could resist. So with one unceremonious drop I let go of the bra and let them tumbled into view. I froze when I did. They were even better than I'd expected!

The two big pale masses of pliant flesh hung like two huge teardrops from my chest. They sagged a little, though that was expected with the size of them, yet they were still so full and round, almost like two basket balls hanging from my chest. In the middle which, pointing out like two large laser pointers were her nipples, they were brown and thick, probably poking about an inch out from the breast, and surrounding each nipple was a dark brown, teacup size, areola, scattered across it a number of small little bumps.

"Oh My God! What the fuck!" I exclaimed as my hands came up and cupped my huge stolen boobs, feeling as they sank into the soft, yet still firm flesh. "They're amazing!" I gasped. They truly were, my aunty possessing some of the best boobs I'd ever seen, even with 8 years of porn viewing. My hands began to grope away at the pliant masses, there was just so much flesh to play with! I grabbed at the two large nipples and began tugging and pulling on them, feeling them jolt with pleasure as I did. I watched my aunty in the mirror as her reflection did the same, she looked like a child having the time of her life, juggling and jiggling her breasts like they were a couple of playthings. Eventually I let them go watching as they dropped back into place with a jiggle.

"I have to get a few photos!" I stated, though I could see them any time I wanted for the next week I wanted to make sure I could see them forever. So pulling out my aunties phone I opened the camera and began posing as I snapped picture after picture. After about 10 minutes or so I had filled her SD card with pictures of nothing but her breasts. Now I just had to send them to myself, so logging into my dropbox I dragged them all over, watching as the bar read 1% complete. Boy was it going to take a long time. But I didn't care I had the rest of my body to explore.

However my dad did seem to care. As I was just about to undo the belt buckle of my aunties jeans he shouted up the stairs.

"Tom what are you using the wifi for? It's going really slow down here? Our film won't stop buffering!" He groaned from the bottom of the stairs. Shit! "Tom!" He carried on calling. Then he started walking.

"Shit!" I exclaimed. He was coming! What was I going to do?

It was at that moment that I remembered what the instructions had said to do to get out of a persons body. All I had to do was think about getting out of them and then I could just slip right out. So that's exactly what I did, I thought about leaving my aunty Sharon's body and the next thing I knew I stepped on right out of her. I turned around and noticed she was once again stood in that frozen state, her eyes closed and a concentrated look spread across her face, the look I must have made when I focused on leaving her body. I didn't even know I could do that, it would definitely come in handy throughout the week. But I had no time to dwell on it right now as my dad was rapidly climbing the stairs.

I quickly sprinted to the door and poked my head on outside. My dad was halfway up the stairs, I stopped him before he could get any further not wanting him to get anywhere near where my aunty Sharon stood frozen and topless in the bathroom.

"I'm not using the WIFI dad." I lied. "I was just about to uh... get in the bath... Yeah that's what I was doing." I wasn't a very good liar, not that my dad could tell the difference.

"Oh. Alright, just the film is buffering." He said shrugging. "Also, is Sharon up here, mom wants her to come watch the film, it's just about to get good she says."

"I'm not sure. I'll go have a look and send her on down." I told him still peaking with just my head out the door. He seemed to notice this.

"Oh, are you naked. I can get her if you want me to?" He asked, helpful as ever, heading up the stairs slightly. He was mere feet away from discovering Sharon and boy would that be hard to explain if he saw her.

"No!" I said a little bit too loud and hastily, speaking quieter after, "No dad, you get back down there I'll get her." I told him.

"Alright, be quick though." He smiled before heading back downstairs. I quickly swung back inside the bathroom. Phew, that was a close one!

Wasting no time I quickly headed back towards my aunty Sharon, she had somewhere to be and that meant I had somewhere to be. I stepped back inside her, this time instantly feeling the weight of her huge breasts as I took control, slightly continuing to walk forward like I had to get in her having to grab onto the counter to stop myself. Steadying myself I glanced at my aunties reflection in the mirror, she was disheveled and half naked. I needed to very quickly amend that. Hastily I grabbed the bra, popping my aunties tits into the parachute sized cups before going behind my back to strap it on. Except I couldn't get the little latch to attach to the little hooks, her stupid longer finger nails were making it really difficult.

"Sharon are you coming?" My dad called up again.

"Shit!" I cursed inwardly. "Yeah I'll be there in a second!" I shouted down to him. Out of panic I dropped the bra to the floor, deciding to just skip it altogether. Grabbing my Aunties drab sweater instead and just throwing it on. Once I'd pulled it down over my breasts I turned to the mirror to check I looked alright. My aunties breasts looked way more pronounced than before, also noticing that they hung lower within the sweater now they were unsupported. But it's not like anyone was going to be looking at them anyway, none of them would even notice I braless. I hoped.

Shrugging it off, feeling my aunties unrestrained breasts bounce as I did, I quickly exited the bathroom and headed downstairs. Luckily the lights were off and the movie was in full swing so nobody looked at me as I entered the room and slumped down into the couch. As I lay down I felt my huge unrestrained boobs flatten like pancakes, while also flop to the sides. I folded my arms on top of them, both to hide them from view of any lurking eyes and also so that I could stealthily twist and poke at my still hard nipples without getting caught.

I sat there through the rest of the boring film and it continued to buffer periodically, I was still sending myself the album of photos, but eventually Matilda got adopted by her teacher and I let out a huge sigh of relief as the credits began to roll. I'd stopped playing with my nipple a while ago, deciding it best after I could no longer feel any sensation from the rubbery nub, it having gone numb from my twisting.

"Well that was good wasn't it?" My mom said as my dad turned the lights back on. I sat up, finding it took more strength now due to weight on my chest.

"Yes. Excellent!" I pretended.

"Oh would you look at the time." My mom suddenly stated, I did, it was only 10 O'clock. "It's about time for your bed time Alice." My mom continued, eliciting a moan from Alice.

"No it's not my mom said I could stay up later since we are on holiday." Alice said then turning to me, "Didn't you mom?" She smiled. It may have been harsh but this was my chance to get rid of her, with Alice out the way we didn't have to watch any childish films which meant I might have more time to explore. So with a stern voice I told her "No. It's time for bed."

However, boy was I wrong about more time to explore. With Alice in bed that just left me, as my aunty, my mom, and my dad, and heck did they yapper.

"So how's Kevin?", "How's the house?", "How's teaching?". My parents barraged me with question after question and I had no clue what to answer half of them with. I just chatted out of my ass, bullshitting my way through each one.

"Oh Keith's great. Same as ever, still taking photos of everything that moves."

"How's the house? The house is great, really coming along now. Um... but you know those builders can be a pain in the ass."

"Teachings great. You know it so rewarding, I find teaching the more mischievous ones even better, such a good opportunity to help them."

I lied to every single question. I probably made my Aunty look very strange indeed, but I didn't care as eventually I made it through their barrage of questions and at 11 O'Clock they headed off to bed. I told them I was soon but as they headed off into their bedroom I headed back downstairs and into the bottom floor Toilet. There was a full-length mirror in there and it was the furthest away from anyone trying to sleep.

I grinned mischievously at my Aunties reflection in the mirror. "Well I guess we'll get back to where we left off." I said naughtily quickly throwing off my top on the floor, taking a second to bask in the sight of my aunties huge tits before heading down to undo the belt. With a quick flick that was undone and with a sexy shimmy they fell to the floor leaving me staring at my aunty in nothing but her underpants, oh and a pair of socks. I let out a loud gulp as I gazed at her. I looked down to see my body only for my view to be blocked by my Aunties hefty breasts, back to the mirror it was.

Now the only thing that was stopping me from seeing my Aunties womanhood were her boring white knickers. My eyes instantly zoomed in on them, I could see the shape of her mound as well as a small dark spot of dampness, clearly from me being so turned on in her body. On the edge of her knickers I could also see what looked to be, hairs? Going in closer I confirmed there definitely were thick dark hairs sticking out either side of the white knickers. "Fuck me Aunty Sharon must have a bush." I wondered, this was as good a time as any for the big reveal and so I grabbed the knickers and yanked them down.

"Fuck me she does and all!" I exclaimed as I now stared at a thick jungle of dark matted hair beneath of which was the prize that I'd actually come for, completely hidden by the thick bush. I maneuvered around trying to get a better view of my aunties vagina but to no avail. "Fucks sake!" It had to go! I listened out for anybody moving around the house, the silence told me the coast was clear. So I quickly opened the door and very giddily ran into the kitchen and grabbed a pair of scissors. If somebody had have caught me running through the house naked, still wearing my aunties body as her huge breasts swung around manically, they would have thought my auntie had gone mad. But lucky for her no one saw me and so I grabbed the scissors and sprinted quickly back into the toilet before locking the door. Wasting no time, I hunched over the toilet and began trimming my aunties mighty bush away.

After a couple of minutes and the bush was now trimmed to a reasonable neat length, as short as I could get it with a pair of scissors. So, popping the scissors down on the side I turned back to the mirror. "Much better!" I appraised my handiwork. Now I could actually see where her vagina was. I went in closer and bent over to get a better view, my legs were practically shaking at this point and as I pulled some of the dark hair to a side I could finally see my aunties treasure. It was my first real life vagina and boy did it look amazing! I admired it in the mirror for a few seconds before one of my hands slowly crept closer. I slowly rubbed it against the outside of the pink mound, my body twitched as I did. "Woah." Deciding to go further this time I slipped a finger between the fleshy walls and soon the whole thing was inside my aunties gaping hole. I twiddled it around inside of me, feeling it rub against the soft wet walls, feeling little jolts of pleasure as I did. I was inside my first vagina!

I did like I'd seen in the porno's, pulling my finger out before quickly ramming it back in as I started fingering my aunties pussy. Eventually I'd sunk down onto the toilet, now pumping away at my aunties vagina with four fingers whilst my other hand groped furiously at her huge jiggling breasts. I could feel the pleasure building up inside of, feeling my stolen body getting hotter and hotter when finally I it all came to a head. My whole body tingled as my hips thrust out and my back arched, then out of my vagina shot a strong stream of liquid which spurted out onto the wall opposite me.

As I basked in what I realized was my first orgasm I looked down at my aunties naked body. Her tits were red from my groping, below that her vagina soggy from my masturbation, and then on the wall opposite her juices were slowly dripping down. I felt a little bit guilty about what I was doing to her, it was the ultimate form of domination, though as I thought about it, I could feel my pussy begin to once again tingle. Why was I feeling guilty? This was fucking amazing! And with that I sank my aunties fingers deep back into my her gaping wet pussy and once again began to ferociously get myself off.

This was pretty much how the rest of the night went, and 8 hours later at 7am I was basking in what was probably my 50th orgasm, I'd lost count by then, feeling on top of the world, if not a little bit tired. Though as I stared at my aunties sweaty body in the mirror, sniffing the scent of her musky body, I decided it probably best that I get cleaned up and ready to leave her body at 7:30.

So quickly, once again making sure that no one was up and moving, I exited the downstairs bathroom and tiptoed up the stairs. I made a quick stop in the spare room where my cousin was still sleeping soundly and grabbed my aunties pajamas before heading into the upstairs bathroom. I jumped in the shower and began washing myself off, unable to resist pleasuring myself to orgasm, before stepping out. I then put her pajamas on, then giving myself one last look over in the mirror. She looked as normal as one could look after what I'd just done to her. I gave my boobs one last honk before sitting down on the toilet as if I was peeing. Then with one thought of leaving her body I slowly stood up, phasing out of her, leaving her frozen on the toilet. It took me a moment to get use to how much less jiggly my body was before I grabbed her phone to check the time, "7:24am". Good timing. She would unfreeze in just under 10 minutes and be completely unaware that I'd been riding her body all night, the only evidence being the photos on her phone which had already been sent to me, I promptly deleted them. Then I popped her phone on the side and tiptoed off back into my room. I felt refreshed, it being almost like my own body had been asleep the whole time I'd been her. So instead of going to sleep I opened up my laptop and loaded up the huge album of photos I'd sent myself. As I started to jerk myself off I heard my aunty trudge out of the bathroom and into the spare room. While I beat my meat to her massive tits my mind was already thinking ahead to the next time I'd be able to take her body.

2 hours later and I was idly watching YouTube video's, having stopped masturbating being bored of the 2D images I had of my aunty, I wanted back in the real thing. But I couldn't, not until later.

Eventually my aunty finally rose out of bed, I watched her intently as she walked into the kitchen. She still had her same warm smile and happy persona to her but I could tell she was groggy from my night in her body. As the day went on I kept my eye on her, smirking to myself mischievously at every tell that I had been in her body. Unable to hold myself back from chuckling as my mom told her she'd found my aunties clothes lying in the downstairs bathroom, watching as my aunty went all confused, not, for the life of her, being able to remember. I giggled slightly as I watched her fidget uncomfortably in the car, trying to get comfortable as we went to a restaurant for some tea. I reckon I probably looked a little out of it that day as well, I was so horny and eager to get back in her curvy body, though I tried to act as normal as possible.

After the meal we arrived home quite late and it was 'bed-time' for everyone, well everyone but me and my aunty Sharon, for me and her it was 'Takeover-time!'. I pretended to head off to bed, telling everyone "Goodnight", biding my time before sneaking across to my aunties room. I slowly opened the door, Alice was asleep in the bed and my aunty was facing away just about to take her bra off. I was half tempted to wait and watch, though I decided it was too risky. Instead I pulled the gun out and shot her in the back before then sprinting into the room and straight into the back of my aunty. I instantly took control, dropping the bra to the floor and looking down. "Why hello again!" I sneered perversely now in my aunties feminine voice.

I wasted no time heading to the downstairs bathroom where I once again stripped naked and spent the whole night masturbating. Leaving only once to grab my phone and a cucumber, to make things more interesting. When I next left the toilet at 11am it was because my mom was knocking, wondering who'd been in the bathroom for 2 hours. I quickly clothed myself and opened the door telling my mom, "I've got some pretty bad diarrhea." Before walking upstairs without another word. I watched my mom enter the toilet, instantly grabbing her nose in disgust of the smell, hopefully she believed it was just diarrhea and not the musky smell my aunty emitted when she masturbated for 11 hours straight.

I still had an hour left in my aunty so I headed for the shower, spending 20 minutes in there, then I decided to head down to where my family were all sat eating.

"Morning." They greeted me, though my mom staring at me slightly odd. I had about 8 slices of toast, feeling very hungry indeed, whilst my mom asked me what I wanted to do today. I could hardly concentrate however, feeling myself slowly dozing off, realizing then that my aunty had only had 2 hours sleep in the past 48 hours. But as I nearly fell asleep I realized that if I did I'd get kicked out of her body in front of my parent's. So I very drowsily sauntered off and upstairs into the spare room, flopping down onto the bed before falling asleep.

When I awoke I was no longer in my aunties body, instead I was currently laying on top of her while she snored loudly away. "Thank god." I sighed noticing this, I slowly climbed off of her and headed back to my room. A slumped down onto my bed, that could have ended way worse than it had, what if someone had found me there? I couldn't believe I'd actually fallen asleep as her, I must have really drained her body. Though it pained me to do it I decided that I had to give her tonight off, she clearly needed the sleep, however that meant that I'd be taking her throughout the day tomorrow.

Suddenly there was a vibration, emitting from the gun that was sitting on the side table. Picked it up, the screen was flashing with what looked like an ad. "Falling asleep in your hop? Looks like you need to spice up your rides. Try the memory mode add-on for only £5 extra per shot!" I didn't even know what it was, but it sounded interesting, so I added it on so that next time I used the gun it would be activated.

For a few hours my aunty kept on sleeping, I told my mom that she was ill, that got my mom off her case. At least until 5pm when it was time for tea, my mom decided it best my aunty eat so she woke her up. I listened from outside as she did.

"Phoah. What time is it?" My aunty asked as my mom shook her awake.

"It's 5 O'Clock. Tom said you were ill." My mom said handing her a cup of water.

"I feel fine." My aunty shrugged, "Just a little tired is all. I've been having the strangest dreams since I got here." She stated. "Oh well. Is it time for tea then?" My aunty laughed.

"Yes, it's on the table." My mom told her as she headed out. I quickly ran back downstairs and joined my dad and Alice at the table. A few moment's later my mom joined us, then followed by my groggy looking aunt. We began eating and I watched my aunt doze in and out of sleep as we did. We went and watched a film in the living room later, my aunty struggled staying awake, knowing that if she didn't she wouldn't be able to sleep later. I had really fucked her up.

Eventually she sauntered up stairs to go to sleep, I followed on though this time I headed to my room and actually went to sleep. I wanted to be feeling fresh and energized in the morning. Within what felt like the blink of an eye and I was waking up the next morning at 8am.

I walked downstairs and into the kitchen, shocked when I saw my aunty already up and eating breakfast.

"Morning Tom!" She said to me happily, then putting a spoonful of Weetabix in her mouth.

"Morning." I replied, "Um... I'll be right back" I then told her before sprinting back upstairs. If I was going to take her I may as well have done it now whilst it was just me and her. I grabbed the gun, tucking it into my pajama trousers out of sight, and heading back downstairs. "You're up bright and early." I said as I reentered the kitchen.

"Yes. I had a good sleep last night. Now I'm up and I'm ready to seize the day!" She said chirpily.

"And what a lovely day it is." I stated pointing to the window. She looked out of it, momentarily looking away from me, that's all I needed. I quickly pulled out the gun and shot her. She froze still looking out the window. I headed over to her and sat in the seat that she was sat on, instantly phasing into her and taking control of her body. I felt the new sensations of my stolen body, the extra weight on my chest, all my jiggling parts, and then there was a new feeling in my head, it felt fuller, more cluttered. I shrugged it off for now, instead heading into the toilet happy to once again see my aunties reflection and huge tits in the mirror.

"Now I'm ready to seize the day!"

What's next?

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