A Step Above Satisfaction


Chapter 1 by ishoaib64 ishoaib64

Does Jane fuck another man?

She does, enthusiastically.

Jane stared at her husband, who was balls deep in a tattooed stripper maybe fifteen feet away. She was angry, very angry…and she was quite aroused.

She reached back and lifted her dress, a skin tight dress that only covered half of her ass anyway, pulling it up to her waist. She looked up at her husband’s boss, the senior partner of the law firm. “Fuck me here. Fuck me right here where we stand, I want you to fuck me right now.”

She then bent at the waist and presented the older man an unbelievable ass, which his hands quite happily squeezed. But he was too slow getting his pants off, Jane leaned up and looked him in the eyes, “right now…get your cock out, I want you inside of me now Mr. Gamble…” she said intensely.

Jane bent at the waist again, bracing herself on a chair, and Mr. Gamble unbuckled his pants and dropped them, but started fumbling with his wallet, a bit drunkenly leaning over Jane to get closer to her. “I don’t have a condom, hang on a minute, they have them all over her, won’t be a minute…”

Jane again raised herself and turned to face her husband’s boss Zach, “Zachary Martin, get your cock out and get it inside of me, or don’t, but do it now…I don’t care if you wear a fucking condom. Fuck me right now!!”

She whispered the last bit to him, but quite aggressively as she wiggled out of her dress, standing naked before him other than her high heels. She was wearing heavy makeup and glitter, and had a long wig on, but her beauty was impossible to conceal.

He turned her around and bent her over, with Jane again bracing on a chair, but staring at John as she did it. The hall had better lighting than the room, so Jane could see John clearly, but even just fifteen feet away, all he could see with a light behind her was that his boss was behind an exquisitely beautiful young woman. The light made it impossible to see her clearly.

Mr. Martin pushed his unprotected cock inside of Jane, pleased to find she was wet and ready for him, and she nearly growled in pleasure.

As Jane watched her husband fuck a stripper, his boss started to pound her doggy style, with him grunting, and their skin making a distinct slapping sound as he pounded her.

Jane was squealing in pleasure, feeling a cock inside of her again, made all the more pleasurable for her husband watching her do it. She didn’t know he couldn’t see her well, and she didn’t think that he wouldn’t easily recognize her in heavy make up and a wig, that didn’t matter right then.

Jane was cussing and talking dirty, such was her anger and arousal, with a long streak of moans, groans and profanity coming from her.

“Fuck me…fuck me harder you motherfucker, fuck me!!”

John tuned and looked, it was impossible not to hear her, but with the loud music, odd lighting and the black lights strobing he had no idea it was his wife getting fucked right before him, he just knew the beautiful woman was watching him fuck another woman, he could see her eyes, so he kept going to put on a show.

This continued for maybe ten minutes, and finally John orgasmed, pulling out and in the lighting Jane could see he wasn’t wearing a condom either. She looked back over her shoulder at her husband’s boss Mr. Gamble, “fill me up Zach! Fill my body with your fucking cum! Then I am going to suck you clean!”

John heard the woman nearly shouting over the thumping music, “fill me up…fill me up, fill me with your cum asshole!”

And he saw his boss grunt and spasm, holding himself deep in the beautiful woman before him, cumming deep inside of her. Then she got on her knees and sucked his boss’s cock as she had said she would.

Then he saw his boss smile as he laid the beautiful woman back on a sofa by the door. His cock was still hard, and he moved in and began fucking her again, with barely two minutes of rest. John was a bit jealous, he would need time, maybe an hour. Sometimes at these events he would have sex more once, but not often.

John watched the senior partner fuck the beautiful woman for a few minutes, then put his clothing back on and went out to get another drink and maybe find another stripper to fuck, as his firm had paid to have full access to fuck any stripper on the floor that night. All he had to do was show a stripper his wrist band, and she would come with him, on the spot.

Soon John came back with a beautiful black woman, but found that Mr. Gamble and the beautiful young woman were gone. He shrugged, and went to kiss the beautiful and athletic black stripper, but she leaned away.

“I just ate some cum baby,” she said in a couple tone. “You don’t want that taste in your mouth…”

She smiled, and instead dropped to her knees and pulled his cock out. It wasn’t fully hard, but it didn’t take long for her to get him going again.

As John moved onto his back and the black stripper began to fuck him cowgirl style,

++ boss and jane left

What she will do Now

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