A Night on the Wrong Side of Town

Formerly "Air Tight"

Chapter 1 by httwt httwt

On the previous screen for name prompt, enter the name of our female protaganist in the first slot, and the name of her beloved fiancee in the second slot. He hasn't made an appearance in the story, yet...

My name is Jane. I'm a twenty-two year old white girl with red hair and turqoise eyes (that's like a real pale blue-green). I recently moved from the small midwestern town where I grew up, having graduated from college and moved to the big city to get a great job. I've been told I am stunning, and I've certainly never had a problem meeting men. My body is athletic from all my cheerleading in high school and college, but I have nice C-cup breasts too. I wear my hair straight and shoulder-length.

Tonight I arranged to meet a few friends from work at a bar. It was in a neighborhood I wasn't familiar with, so I left home early so I wouldn't be late. But when I arrived at the bar, I was nervous... it was a pretty rough part of town, and I didn't see any other white people. They were all black! I wondered if this was the ghetto!

As I walked into the bar, I became very self-conscious. I'm dressed up for a night on the town, but not too slutty, wearing a black mini-skirt and a white low v-neck T-shirt, showing some cleavage but not too much. All of the patrons were black, and most of them were men. I could feel their gaze all over my body as I walked up to the bar. Nervously, I fiddle with my engagement ring to my darling boyfriend, Doe.

Now normally I'm very reserved and well-behaved. But I had a couple drinks waiting for my friends, just to loosen up and try to relax. Finally my friends called and said they are not coming.

When I rise from the barstool, I'm a bit whoozy. I don't have much of an alcohol tolerance. I'm feeling sort of apprehensive, since my friends were my ride home. I notice two hunky black guys have been watching her.

What do I do?

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