A New Start

Chapter 1 by bugbarbeque bugbarbeque

Rachel flounced out of the apartment building, dragging her huge suitcase behind her, her anger palpable. How dare that little prick treat her like that, she wasn't just some little toy, they were supposed to be engaged, she fumed silently to herself as she made her way to a nearby hotel to book herself in and consider her next move.

One Hour Earlier

Rachel turned the key in the lock and snuck quietly into the apartment, hoping to catch Nick still in bed, or even better, in the shower. She'd been away for two weeks and on the cab ride home she'd been considering all the things they could do for a surprise reunion. A long forceful screw amongst the shower steam had come top of her list by a long margin.

As soon as she let the door softly click shut behind her Rachel could tell something wasn't right. The first thing she noticed was the smell, the apartment smelled hot and musky, a smell that immediately brought thoughts of sex into her mind. Then she noticed the mess, all the furniture ruffled and untidy and clothes on the floor, Nick's pants, Nick's shirt, his boxers and a discarded red bra that certainly didn't belong to her. As she crouched to pick up the bra she heard the noises coming from the bedroom and suddenly, sickeningly, things became clearer.

Already pretty sure what she was going to see she walked unsteadily into the hallway leading to their bedroom, stopping at the door and peering through the crack.

As she had expected Nick was laid on his back on the bed, not alone, sat astride him, riding that cock she knew so well was a small Asian woman, her head thrown back in ecstasy. Rachel watched for a second, long enough to hear a couple of long, deep groans from Nick, then readied herself to enter the room. Just as she planted her hand on the door someone else stepped into her line of sight, she gasped with shock trying hard to stifle the noise.

The other person was a short, thickly built black man who appeared to be in his mid forties. He was completely naked and was vigorously masturbating his cock (which was around the same length as Nick's but hugely thick) as he took the Asian girl's head with his free hand and, without ceremony, thrust his hips forward, forcing his member into her mouth.

Rachel watched, rapt despite herself, as the lithe girl arched her back, straining at both tools penetrating her, her beautifully pale body twisting and contorting as the black man gripped her head firmly, fucking her mouth hard and fast. Slowly the feelings of horniness Rachel had felt earlier in the day began to return and her hand strayed into her pants and began to massage her aching slit rhythmically. She was snapped out of her reverie by Nick's familiar voice. "Oh God, this is so fucking hot" He moaned. And Rachel remembered what she was watching. Pulling her hand from her pants again she burst into the room, hurling obscenities at the bemused trio, listening to no explanations. Forty minutes later her belongings were packed and she was exiting their apartment building for good.


She stood under the showerhead in her hotel room, feeling the water run over her and the tension run out of her body. Her anger for Nick had quickly dissipated into a resigned feeling that their relationship was dead a long time ago. Her body slowly relaxing Rachel's thoughts soon returned to the scene she had witnessed in her bedroom earlier that day. Images of the writhing Japanese girl and the powerful black man flashing through her mind again. inevitably her hand slipped between her legs again, a finger pushing between her soft lips and probing deeper. She closed her eyes and imagined the pair in the tub with her, sandwiching her between them, picturing the contrast between her pale white skin and his deep brown muscles, the Japanese girl reaching up to play her fingers through her short chestnut hair as she kissed her, the man's hands eagerly kneading and massaging her firm C cup breasts. His thick cock pressing against her firm smooth ass.

With that thought Rachel came, a knee buckling climax washing over her as she clung to the shower wall for support, her fingers twirling her neatly trimmed bush of deep red pubic curls.

A while later, sitting on the edge of the bed, her head still racing, Rachel came to the conclusion that she would have to exorcise this fantasy or be consumed with it. The only question now was with whom.

Immediately two candidates sprung to mind. David was her boss at the coffee shop she worked in part-time and was a forty four year old African American, he was twice her age but she'd seen the way he watched her tall slender frame from time to time when she was wearing her short tight uniform, his arousal VERY clear through his pants. And there was Kim, Kim was in her Sociology class, an athletic Chinese girl with a perfect, flawless face and an unusually buxom body for someone so small. Rachel thought back wistfully to last year's college fancy dress ball when Kim, dressed in a schoolgirl's outfit, her long jet black hair pulled back in pigtails, had drunkenly confessed to her that from time to time she got herself off imagining Rachel eating her out.

Rachel smiled to herself and reached for her cell phone, looking for the number she wanted to dial.

Kim's number or David's?

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