A Friendly Birthday

A Birthday You Won't Forget

Chapter 1 by LiteraryLover LiteraryLover

"Do you girls really need to blindfold me for my own party?" I ask as my friends lead me around "And when it's in my own house?"

"Duh, John. That's why it's called a surprise party." Rachel said with a giggle. Rachel had been my closest friend since I was a junior in high school, she was the reason for me being friends with most of the people I knew. I had always liked her, but she never showed much interest outside of friendship with me. I wasn't sure if it was her natural red hair, her slender frame and nice...well assets, or just her being my best friend but she drove me absolutely crazy

She sat me down on my recliner and took off my blindfold. Sitting around me on my couches around the coffee table, which now had a yummy looking cake, were my other close friends, Melissa, her younger sister Heather, and Jess. Melissa was much shorter than the others, despite being the second oldest. Along with her petite stature, she was slightly on the plump side, but she had an amazing ass and tits that came from it. Her long hair was pulled into a cute pair of pigtails and wore a pop culture shirt of some show I hadn't the faintest idea what it was and a denim skirt. Her sister on the other hand, was basically a mirror opposite. Tall, athleticly slim and with a short haircut that I really liked on her and her band tee and leather jacket combo paired with a plaid skirt only helped the look. Jess was what some consider a wallflower. Her pale blonde hair working with her large glasses to frame her equally pale face. She wore her usually conservative and frumpy hoodie and a pair of dark jeans.

Jess was the only one of the girls I had anything past a friendship with, even if it was short lived. She was too shy to even kiss me around others, so when I was upset one day, I dumped her. I regreted it and luckily she wanted to remain friends.

"Okay, so we also have another surprise for you." Rachel said sitting down on the other chair between me and Jess "For today only, during the party, we will do whatever you ask of us." She said with her mischievous grin. "As long as it's within reason." Melissa said "like, as long as it's contained to in your house." "And it can't defy physics." Jess said with a quiet laugh.

Did you hear them right? Should you ask what they mean or jump right in with a command?

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