A Cheerleader's Story

Chapter 1 by Parasite Parasite

"Jane Doe" The coach called out your name in an angry voice. "You messed up that last move! Stop sleeping and get it together!" The coach turned away from you and started yelling at someone else.

Maria, a really gorgeous babe descended from Mexicans in Texas, turned to you. "Don't let her get you down Jane. The coach is always mean to everyone." Maria ran a hand through her long black hair and sighed. "She needs to get laid if you ask me."

You didn't ask, but you can't help giggling at the image of your coach and some guy getting it on.

"Yuck. You’re grossing me out!" You say as you start going through the routine you messed up again. This time, everything you do is perfect but Maria loses her balance while doing a split and falls into you.

"Sorry Jane." Maria mutters as she lies on top of you. You were about to say something but you realized just how good it feels having her on top of you. Her tight, toned ass is pressed hard against your pelvis, and every time she moves it stimulates your already wet pussy. You got into cheerleading because girls made you horny and now you're really feeling good as shivers of pleasure move out from where Maria's sexy body is touching yours.

You reach around her and put a hand against her breast. You squeeze lightly and she moans. Feeling even more turned on, you slid a leg upward, so that your knee is pressing back against her slit. Maria's cheerleading uniform, like yours, has a built-in pair of panties but the material is so thin that you can easily feel the shape of her pussy lips and the wetness. None of the other cheerleaders have noticed that the two of you are on top of each other and the coach is too busy insulting Shawna, a new team member.

"Jane what are you doing?" Maria asked in a whisper. She turned her head to face you over her shoulder but instead of answering, you lean forward and kiss her lips. You kiss for several heart pounding seconds, gently licking Maria's lips.

"Something really naughty." You say finally, answering her question. You slowly move your hand from her breast down. Lower and lower, your hand caresses the bare flesh of her tan tummy down to the barely covered moistness of her sex. "Just lay back and enjoy." You whispered hotly into her ear as you press two fingers against her covered pussy.

Maria gasps quietly but doesn't protest. She moves a hand behind her, finding your pussy. Her fingers are inexperienced but they feel nice. Slowly, she massages your slit, rubbing your hard little clit through the thin material of your cheerleading uniform. Your juices are flowing and you can almost hear the squish of Maria's fingers as they try to force themselves through the material. Your own digits are rapidly stimulating Maria's clit, bringing her close to an orgasm, right in the middle of the field where the cheerleading squad was practicing.

The coach blew her whistle suddenly. You both look up in surprise and sudden fear. Had the coach seen what the two of you were doing?

"What do we do Jane?" Maria asked.

You say. . .

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