A Business Trip

Chapter 1 by starwar69 starwar69

First off the background: My name is Mike. I am a 22-year-old guy who has moved to Hollywood, California and I bought my own studio apartment. I have just gotten a job in a large corporation, where part of my job is that I need to go around recruiting new models for the company. So these are some of my adventures.

However you should also know that I have a many fetishes. One of my fetishes is a girl’ panties, not wearing them or anything, but the smell, touch, and the feeling that takes over me when I see a girl in them or out of them.

It was the middle of July, and my first assignment sent me to Washington to find new talent for the upcoming swimsuit catalogue that my company was putting together. While in Washington I was staying in the downtown area of the city at the Hilton. That was when I saw Tara and Sara for the first time. As I was checking in, I noticed a mother with a pair of twin daughters behind me. The twins were pretty tall maybe 5'11'' with shoulder-length blond hair with nice C-cup breasts. These identical twins looked exactly like a younger version of their mother, and all three were wearing their hair in pigtails, making them all look much younger. The twins were wearing matching white baby-doll T-shirts and short black skirts. Their mother was wearing a light yellow summer dress and it was quiet obvious that she wasn’t wearing a bra to support her D-cup chest.

Go for Mother or Daughters?

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