A Broken Dream

City of Mist

Chapter 1 by Lotudos Lotudos

I saw her again today. She Walked through the streets as I was Sitting in the alley. She was perfect her Strawberry hair Shone like the sun amongst the shit of the city. I pulled out a cigarette as I dreamed. I kissed her lips, my hands in her hair. In my day dreams she came to me daily. Sometimes I would be kissing her breasts while she screamed in delight. Other times she would be on top of me her tongue in my mouth and her fingers working their magic.

But it was all just a dream. I sat in the alley my cigarette almost gone dreaming of a girl who would never look at me twice. I walked down to the nearest store (which happened to be some sort of flower shop/convenience store). I smile at the girl at the counter and pick up a new pack of cigarettes.

Leaving the store I begin to think of my old life. My life before I lived in the gutter scrounging to buy smokes and food. I remember my old job.

What happens next?

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