18 year old manwhore

18 year old manwhore

Providing for your family

Chapter 1 by BartyTrinky BartyTrinky

"Happy birthday tooooo youuuuuuuu!!!"

Your brother and two sisters finish embarrassing you with the ridiculous birthday song in front of your friends as you all sit down to celebrate together.

Kelly, Veronica, and Justin are your siblings that have been living with you after your parents died last year.

They left you money, but it hasn't been enough to provide for everyone in the next year. You've looked for jobs, but nothing pays enough for you to take care of the whole family - not to mention keeping up the house your parents left you!

Earlier in the week, you applied to a modeling agency without telling your siblings. Turns out - it's just a front. But, they called you a "perfect twink", and said that your small frame and large cock would be a perfect fetish satisfier for their clients.

What kinds of clients do they have?

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