[Pokémon: Let's 'DO IT'!]

[Pokémon: Let's 'DO IT'!]

Three very good friends, one male, two female, and thier ambiguously gendered Japanese associate, end up being suckered into a trip to a world where Pokémon are real... (Adders Encouraged!)

Chapter 1 by Nemo of Utopia Nemo of Utopia

Kevin Damian St.Cloud let out a sigh as he watched the waves roll in and out on the rocky pebble beach near where the "Union City Mobile Colony" had been encamped. He could see, out in the surf, real live Starayu glowing with the gathering dusk. Further out Horsea gripped corals with thier flexible tails, whilst Goldeen swam further out to sea in preparation for the high tide dragging them back in an hour or so.

"Penny for 'em." 'Lucky' Lucy Cordelia Vanderpool said, throwing her arms around his neck, and spreading her ever-so-shapely legs to either side of his own...

"I never thought I'd actually see this. I've dreamed a beach full of Starayu a thousand times and here it is, before my waking eyes: but I'd give everything I own to wake up in my dorm right now." Kevin stated.

"Well thanks for that bit of, 'Patently-obvious-to-the-casual-observer' wisdom there, Derrick-Downer, but that's not going to happen, so just enjoy the 'dream-come-true'." Ashley Quinn Spennellie said where she lay petting her first Pokémon.

"It is not 'patently-obvious-to-the-casual-observer' Spennellie-tan, I for one would have come on this trip regardless, even knowing what we do now about where we are and our odds of returning home." Their fourth Companion, (who's real name and gender most of the others STILL didn't know,) said with a note of pride. "You loved the games and shows, yes, but for me they were life itself, and now, I can LIVE IT in truth."

Kevin thought back. Two short weeks ago none of them could have imagined being here. That night, the night when the cogs of fate enmeshed them all in this darkly beautiful destiny, which found them staring out to sea in the light of the setting sun. Stareing off the coast: of Kanto...

What Was The Start Of All This: When Did The Cogs Of Fate Begin To Turn?

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