'Stand-In' Wife

Wife's best friend takes her place for a weekend

Chapter 1 by The Bully The Bully

My name is Matt Brower and I’m a Sales Manager for a Mid-west manufacturing company. I’m 34 years old and have a beautiful 29 year old wife, Karen.

I stand 5’8” and weigh 185 pounds. I have brown hair and work out on a regular basis whenever I can.

My wife is the proverbial ‘blonde bombshell’. She’s 5’6” tall with curves in all the right places. Karen is a part-time nurse in a private practice and take good care of her flawless body.

Karen and I have a great marriage. We still have sex almost every night and Karen is a fantastic lover. In spite of being married for 8 years she loves to make love to me and my 12” cock. In public she appears to be a bit innocent but in the privacy of our own bedroom she’s a firecracker who isn’t afraid to try new things with me. I’m a very lucky man and I know it.

Last weekend I had a very ‘interesting’ time with my wife’s best friend, Amy.

First of all let me describe my wife’s longtime friend.

Amy is 27, has shoulder length black hair, stands 5’2” tall and weighs about 110 pounds. She has a model’s face and seductive eyes you could just melt in. Her regular tanning sessions left her flawless skin well tanned.

Despite her small stature she had a body to die for. Her incredible measurements of 38-24-36 drew the attention of every man (and many women) who saw her. Her DD breasts and firm bubble butt were her best assets. In spite of her lack of height her massive melons and firm booty more than made up for it.

Because of her height and innocent face Amy could pass for a high school student but her breasts and butt made her look like a walking wet dream wherever she went.

Not only was she a ‘hottie’ but she was intelligent and had a great personality. She was a pleasure to converse with and I always enjoyed the time she spent at our place visiting with my wife and me.

Through the years I had come to realize that Amy was very self conscious about her body. She spent a lot of time exercising and working out on a regular basis. It was obvious she wished she was taller and always tended to wear shoes with at least a 4” heel. Her workouts never built up much muscle but they seemed to tone up her legs and ass. Whenever she’d come over in a pair of shorts or a dress wearing her heels it was hard for me to keep my eyes off her shapely body. Her calves and thighs were exceptionally well toned and firmed up and I could only imagine what they’d feel like wrapped around my waist.

Surprisingly, she was a bit embarrassed with the size of her tits and had mentioned about getting a breast reduction at some time. She never really liked how guys would stare at her chest and rarely look into her dreamy eyes. Amy also complained about how her back hurt by having such huge knockers on such a tiny frame.

Of course my wife and I kept telling her she was perfect the way she was. Personally I felt she had a great body. Her huge breasts and amazing butt tended to show up quite frequently in my wildest fantasies and dreams.

I never, ever considered cheating on my beautiful wife but having her hot bodied little friend around on a regular basis didn’t hurt my libido one bit.

I always loved it when she’d hang out with my wife and I by our backyard pool. Seeing my wife and her busty little friend frolicking poolside in their tiny bikinis, sipping on a drink, was pure pleasure. The three of us all got along very well and, on several occasions, it felt like I had two wives instead of just one except that I wasn’t getting any from Amy.

Amy rarely seemed to date much. She tended to spend her time working or taking classes at the local community college and had little time for a social life.

“What a waste.” I thought as I could only imagine what she’d be like to date and what a wildcat she must be in the sack.

“She’d make some lucky guy very happy.” I’d always tell myself as I’d try to picture her naked riding my cock.

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