"Abducted to Ambitious"

"Abducted to Ambitious"

An 'Alien to Ambition' tribute tale.

Chapter 1 by menoetes menoetes

This story is a tribute to an original story piece called ‘Alien to Ambition’ written by The Greyman and published on both TheOverflowingBra website and his DeviantArt account (http://mrgreyman.deviantart.com/). Many of the characters in it and universe they inhabit are completely his creation and all credit goes to him for it. I just hope I and my fellow contributors can do it credit.

You feel as though you are drifting, your mind clouded as though trying to rise from a heavy sleep. Your limbs feel numb and your eyelids are impossibly heavy, what the hell was wrong with you? Then, as though from far away, you become aware of voices…

“The transposition was successful, First. All life indicators for his species are within acceptable ranges.”

The voice was clinically cold and very distant, you try to roll your head towards it but your neck fails to move despite your best efforts.

“Good, good.” The second voice was warmer, somehow more… human. “How is its mind? Is it still intact?”

“His wave patterns are returning to normal with EP levels that are slightly higher than average” It was the cold distant voice again. “The activity indicates that he is awakening, do you wish him to be sedated?”

“No, I am ready. I wish observe his responses to this new form, we must all know if we are correct in our early conclusions, leave us now.” States the warmer voice, the voice belonging to the one named ‘First’.

There was a whisper of movement from somewhere nearby then only the sound of soft breathing. With no small effort you manage to roll your head to one side and open your eyes a little, why was it so damn hard to move?

The first thing to come into focus to your bleary eyes is a face and as far as first sights went, it was a good one. It is a female face with a smooth glowing complexion, prettily heart-shaped and fine boned. Deep emerald eyes looked back at you from under long dark lashes and a rosebud of a mouth spreads into a pleased smile exposing a row of perfect white teeth.

“Do not be alarmed, you are safe.” She says in a smooth melodic voice as though speaking to a frightened animal. “It is natural to feel a bit disoriented and the sensation will pass quickly.”

Already you feel control of your body returning, your eyes open further as more of your surroundings and this strange alluring woman swims into focus. This isn’t your college dorm room! You are in large but windowless room with curved walls that look as though they are made of some sort of smooth cloudy white glass. There is nothing but the thin outline of a door set seamlessly into the strange wall and the woman beside that raised platform you are lying on. Yours eyes bulge in shock as you realized that this woman before you is not only gorgeous but utterly naked!

Lustrous auburn and impossibly silky hair, streaked with strands of gold and copper, runs long and straight down over slender white shoulders to the middle of her back. Her body seems ageless; both ripe with mature curves and radiating the glow and suppleness of youth. Her breasts, large C-cups sit high and firm on her chest like over-ripe fruit without a single blemish or hint of sagging. Her belly is smooth and flat leading your staring eyes down to a small, slender waist and firm round hips. You begin to blush as you gape at the V where her long silky legs join, holy crap but she is completely hairless down there!

“What… Where…” The words don’t come easy to your numb unresponsive lips.

“You are aboard my vessel, a spacecraft if you will, and I will explain everything.” She says calmly laying a slender hand on your bare chest…

What the…? You look down to where she has laid her hand and jerk with surprise, but you are naked too! Your own soft body is stretched out on some kind of raised mattress as naked as the day you were born. Despite your current lack of motor skills, your body still reacts to the close proximity of a bare and beautiful woman as it normal would. You feel your loins tingle as you begin to harden…

“Aaah, you have become sexual aroused.” She says in a business-like tone looking down the length of your body at your stiffening cock with mild interest. “This is good; we have studied the appropriate response to this on your world’s data network. This will be a shared experience that will further our knowledge of your species.”

What the hell was she talking about?! This is all too much, your mouth sags open in a mixture of confusion and excitement as she runs her delicate hand down across your belly, towards your throbbing groin…

What does she do?

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