Interracial — Asian, African, Latina, etc.

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  1. Scandinavian Conquest by KingSagrell

    2 days ago

    Torun Styiggson is a middle age, local politician of a small town in the Swedish countryside. Popular in his rural home region for his conservative views in opposition to the liberal views of colleagues in more cosmopolitan areas like Stockholm, Torun protested fiercely against motions to allow more refugees into the country, viewing their race and religion as a threat to the country. However, the traditionalist is forced to concede at least a little to avoid accusations of being a facist and racist and in a political gambit to keep the flow as small as possible, Torun opts to allow one young refugee to live with him in his home. This is a tale of the consequences of that choice.

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    6 Chapters Deep
    3rd Person, Male