Escape the island
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Chapter 2 by 229 229

Just who is her first patient?

Xavier Lewis, single for too long

Mr. Lewis hadn't specified what the appointment was about, which hopefully meant it was something interesting. It wasn't long before she saw him through the frosted glass, and pretended to be reading a file. Xavier had chosen her clinic because it was the cheapest one in the area, and his job wasn't all that good. He had been saying that he'd get a girlfriend eventually for years, and that he just needed more time, to wait until after one thing or another. Eventually he had a fight with his mom about it, and she said that he had one month to work out what the problem as and get a girlfriend, or she was disowning him, and that whatever that took, he had to do it, even if it meant seeing a therapist. She had agreed to pay for the appointment, although they argued about that too. The precise deal was that she would pay if he got a girlfriend, but if he didn't, he would have to pay himself.

He opened the door, and Wendy looked at him. He was kind of cute, she supposed, although the effect was hard to see with his too long bangs and disheveled clothes. He needed somebody to fix him up, but if someone did, he could be, well, not the kind of man you imagine begging to take you now, but the kind you could imagine getting off on making him beg. At least, you could if you were into that.

"Hello, do you have an appointment?" Dr. Vierre asked.

"Uh, yeah. I'm Xavier Lewis?"

"Of course. Right this way, Mr. Lewis." she said, leading him into the next room. "Lie down on the couch over there and we can begin."

Xavier did, and asked "So, what do I do? Like, how do we begin?"

How does she begin?

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