Chapter 2 by neo_kenka neo_kenka

But who are you going to "experiment" on?

The only woman in front of you, of course.

Your eyes drift to Devi... and now, for the first time in years, you see her as a woman. Long, wavy black locks swept back with a blue hairband. Dark green and hazel eyes behind thickly-rimmed glasses. Thick lips that puffed whenever she was contemplating her notes. She had filled out beautifully since 10th grade: sure, she was a bit thin from forgetting meals, but her genes wouldn't let her go with anything smaller than a C-cup chest hidden in her green turtleneck. You consider the gap between her thighs, and wonder if any man before you had ever tricked his way therein, mounting the girl and teaching her the value of a man with every thrust. You surprise yourself with this train of thought, but you don't turn it away.

You puff your own chest out, now proud of your genius idea of getting to at least fuck around with your long-lost friend. "Well, seems to me like you don't even need the lab results..." She raises an eyebrow at you. "... since we can just test it out on you." You give her a wink, because it seemed like a good idea until she visibly shivered.

"God, no," she flatly replies. "Besides the likely ineffectiveness, given my sexuality, I cannot be expected to deal with whatever hallucinogenic effects stem from your... compounds." She wrinkles her nose. "Also, that's gross."

Well if "no" is her answer, then...

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