Chapter 2 by neo_kenka neo_kenka

But who are you going to "experiment" on?

The most popular subjects of sexual experimentation: prostitutes!

While you've no experience with brothels or hookers, the Lower East Side was rife with them, and furthermore you have (or possibly had, if he was still pissed at you) a friend who frequented a certain massage parlor. You max out your credit card withdrawing the necessary funds ($2,000) for the night, and any trepidation you have goes out the window when you realize that, at the very least, today's "experiment" would mean you get laid.

It was on you, then: find this massage parlor, no doubt mostly staffed by Asian sex slaves and similarly depressing, Eastern tales, or try your luck with the cheaper, potentially more dangerous street walkers.

How will you navigate the world of sex workers?

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