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Chapter 2 by jedevari1 jedevari1

Where does Kelsey's Story begin?

She is at a friend's house.

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Kelsey was over at her friend Amanda's house for a sleepover. They were up late at night playing a game of truth or dare like they usually do whenever they have sleepovers. The dares were always the favorite part of the game for Kelsey, and recently her and Amanda had been stepping them up. Not anything too risky, just a mooning or a flash of breasts outside one of the windows in the house.

"Dare", Kelsey replied.

Amanda grinned, "okay, I've got a good one since we've doing more risky stuff...strip down to your underwear and run a quick lap around the house.", she said.

Kelsey's heart skipped a beat when she heard her friend. They had never done anything this risky before, but the idea of doing it did excite Kelsey.

"Okay, I'll do it, let's go", Kelsey said.

They quietly left Amanda's room so as not to wake her parents and carefully made their way downstairs into the kitchen near the back door of the house. Once there Kelsey took off the t-shirt and shorts that she normally wore to bed and stood in front of her friend wearing just her matching powder blue bra and thong panties. She handed the clothes to her friend and slowly opened the door. It let out a loud creek which made both of the girls nervous, but after waiting for a minute to see if it woke either of Amanda's parents they decided it was safe to continue.

"So one lap around the house, right ?", Kelsey whispered.

"Yeah, that's it", Amanda whispered back. "I'll be waiting right here for with you your clothes.", she added.

Barefoot, Kelsey stepped outside to begin her dare. She rounds the corner of the house when....

What happened then ?

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