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Chapter 2 by brevdravis brevdravis

Who are you? Were you alone or with a Group

Open the outer door. (Choose if your character is Female)

With a bit of nervousness, you undo the deadbolts on the door, your gun held at the ready. Steeling your nerves, you pull the door open and a blast of air rushes past you into the chill basement.

As you look around, you see the biggest mess you have ever thought possible. Everywhere there are burned clothes scattered around, and a heck of a lot of wanton destruction. Even in the dim light that radiates from the small windows at the top of the walls, you can tell that someone deliberately created this disaster area.

Eager to get out of this, you head towards the elevator, and are unsuprised when you find that it doesn't work. Scanning the walls, you see the now-unlighted exit sign. Heading toward it, you throw open the door it indicates, and begin to ascend the dark stairway beyond. There are no noises around, and you are fairly confident that no one is around.

"Alex girl, you sure have got yourself into it this time," You grumble inwardly, trying not to give in to the nervousness that still feel despite your outwards confidence.

As you reach the top of the stairs, you find the door to the mall swinging open, the self-closing mechanism totally wrecked. A light breeze blows in, and you realize that it means that the mall is totally open to the outside. You can't hear any sounds except for the light sound of the wind.

The question is, what to do now? You could explore the mall, and see if you can find anyone else, or you could just try to find the nearest exit and get out into the open.

Check the mall, or get moving?

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