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Chapter 2 by 229 229

Just who is her first patient?

Jack Wallace, the perfect man who might lose his girlfriend

Her appointment with Jack had, according to the email she received, been his girlfriend's idea, and he didn't like it himself. He probably chose her because she was cheap, and he thought of the appointment as wasting money, or maybe he thought that since she was relatively inexperienced and unknown, he could have one bad session with her and tell his girlfriend that he tried. Either way, she knew that she had to make sure he would come back, and if she messed up with her first patient, she'd be screwed.

Jack walked up to the door, and Wendy, seeing him, pretended to be busy, so that when he walked in, he wouldn't think she had absolutely nothing to do but wait for him. The door open, and she carefully observed him. He was fit, she could tell, maybe even with some muscle, although she couldn't see it through his clothes. He had short brown hair, which looked like it had been taken care of much better than most men's hair, and from his attire he obviously had enough money that her modest fee would be a drop in the ocean. Was that watch gold? What a show off.

"Hello." Wendy said, "Do you have an appointment?"

"Yeah. Jack Wallace."

She looked at a document that didn't actually have anything to do with him. "Ah, yes, Mr. Wallace, I was expecting you. Right this way." She stood up and led him into the next room. "Lie down on this sofa, and we will begin."

"So how is this supposed to work, anyway?" he asked, lying down, "What do you do, exactly?"

How does she start?

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