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Chapter 2 by 229 229

Just who is her first patient?

Arthur Thomas, who is attracted to his male best friend

Arthur had told her in his email that he had been somewhat bicurious lately, and found himself thinking about his best friend, the only man who he knew for sure was attracted to men, as Nick had always been open about his bisexuality. Arthur had actually become half erect at the gym, watching his significantly more muscled friend lifting weights. He had even peeked when they were changing, and saw that Nick's cock was huge, even when flaccid. He opened the door, to see Dr. Vierre examining a binder.

Wendy stopped pretending to read and looked up at him, "Ah, wonderful, and your name is..." She could tell that he worked out, but also that he wasn't gaining much muscle from it, although he might have lost some fat, judging by his narrow frame.

"Arthur. Arthur Thomas." he said, extending his hand.

She shook it, "Yes, here you are. Follow me." She led him into the next room and pointed at the couch. "Lie down over there, and we can begin."

He lay on the couch, and she said "So, you said that you're attracted to your best friend, but what exactly is the problem?"

"Well, I get turned on by him. If he notices, it could ruin our friendship, you know?"

"Hmm... and how are you attracted to him? Do you want to be top or bottom?"

"Uh... I don't know, does that matter?"

"Of course it matters! Tell you what, I'll help you figure out how you desire him." She opened her laptop, and found four porn videos. "Here, I'll leave the room for ten minutes, and you rate these in order of hottest down." The videos were "Strong man buttfucked and collared in the locker room", "Yoga twink gets his ass stretched and fucked by a weightlifter", "Wife makes skinny cuckold husband pleasure his stud boss" and "A study in opposites: doctor teaches a stud and a twink the differences and similarities between them".

Wendy leaves, and returns ten minutes later.

What does she find?

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