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  1. The Demonic Idol by bob10

    2 days ago

    The demonic idol : a statue who slowly changes peoples into demon, succubi, hellhound and maybe more

    50 Chapters Deep
    2nd Person, Both
    Voyeur, Corruption, Exhibitionism, Blowjob, Oral, Breast Expansion, Masturbation, voyeurism, Hellfire, groping, demon, Water girl, lesbian, futanari, slime girl, ooze girl, Water Nymph, Dick Girl, blow job, double blow job, mother daughter, tit fuck, big breasts, snuff, non-con, threesome, succubi, gangbang, MMMF, Succubus, Incubus, demons, Mirror, Reflection, hot tub, sister, Prostitution, sisters, incest, ass licking, skullfuck, cumswap, Double penetration, exhibitionist, foreplay, dirty talk, cum on face, cumshot, asian, twincest, interracial, bath, rape, tentacle, Mother son, Orgy, Groupsex, werewolf, horsewoman, Shower, Femdom, Slapping, Double Blowjob, FFM, Foursome, Horseman, Wolfwoman, Gender bender, neighbour, young and old, skinny dipping, MFF, Mother, Daughter, Daughter in law, brother, father, fiance, group, mmf, cock sucking, Lactation, anal, trio, CFNM, MFMF, Girl Fucking Guy, Werehorse, Son, Fantasy, Cock Growth, Gagging, Deep Throat, Slip, Evil, Transformation, cum on tits, transformation, dp, sex toy, Striptease, Dance, jail cell, public, horsemen, elephantman, watching, wolfman, Tattoo, Toy, Dildo, Washroom, catgirl, furry, deepthroat, precum, penis inflation, 69, breast inflation, Snaketail, elephant man, caught, interupted, toys, pussy eating, mastubation, sybian, FMMM, Reflections, Twin, Master Slave, Subconscious, Ball Expansion, policewoman, lesbian threesome, sxhibitionism, phantom, boy next door, girl next door, Maid, Liquid Girl, group sex, ENF, gang, gang bang, reverse rape, bishonen, Cum on ass, Dinah, Daddy, Lust, Serena, Shop, Diner, Work, Shift, Whore, Slut, Demonic, Idol, Cunt, Cum, Cock, Idle, Selfie, Selfies, Cocksuckers, Lips, Plump, Tail, Patrons, Staff, Kin, Seduction, Corrupt, The, Crimson, Flesh, Thrust, Giggle, Goody, Two, Shoes, Alice, Jodie, CIAW
  2. The Family Yacht by Dirtymind32

    2 months ago

    It's that time of the year again. Your family have all synchronized their vacation schedules to align with the annual family cruise on their yacht.

    7 Chapters Deep
    2nd Person, Both
  3. Mass effect side-stories. by nightcat

    4 months ago

    You just got released from a C-sec headquarters holding cell. But how did you get there and why are you released, more importantly what do you do now?

    13 Chapters Deep
    Fan Fiction
    2nd Person, Both
  4. Lust God by madualib

    1 year ago

    What would you do if, suddenly, you were given godly powers... Very specific godly powers?

    34 Chapters Deep
    1st Person, Male
  5. New Philippines: The Begining by

    2 years ago

    The branch of a very large family from a small town in New Hampshire are on their way to a family reunion, which this year is happening in Hawaii. While on the last leg of the trip over the Pacific Ocean the private jet they clubbed together to charter for the trip is struck by lightning, and blows out both engines. Just as they are about to hit the water there is a flash of green light and everyone blacks out. They wake up on a deserted island, no idea how they got there and no sign of the plane or the pilot, co-pilot, and two flight attendants. There are 20 family members on this trip, spanning 4 generations, Grandma and Grandpa, both now in their late 70s, Their three sons and their wives in their 50s and 40s, and _their_ total of 10 kids that hadn't moved away (All now over 18, though some just barely), plus the oldest son's oldest son and his wife and their 2 month old baby. When they try to call for help with a satellite phone that Grandpa packed in his luggage 'just in case' they get a very weird message: "Welcome to the planet of New Philippines, please make yourselves at home and begin breeding."

    34 Chapters Deep
    2nd Person, Both