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  1. Slut World by SwampThing

    56 minutes ago

    Another erotic RPG, from either a male or female POV

    100% (1,363 users)
    116 Chapters Deep
    Erotic Couplings
    2nd Person, Both
    Exhibitionism, Bellhop, Anal, rimming, hospital, Blowjob, Reluctance, Drugs, Lolita, Transparent Dress, Slut, Virgin, Ball Gown, mother-daughter oral, face sitting, threesome, Mindbreak, Fucked Silly, Bondage, miniature golf, lesbian nurses, lap dance, diner, lesbian incest, corrupted, paladin, facesitting, Humiliation, Defloration, Rape, Camera, Recording, wet cum, lesbian rimming, Sex, Incest, Ass, Prom Dress, Transparent Clothing, Public, Lingerie, mind control, Hypnosis, Xp, Rp, Roleplay, Spanking, Masturbation, lesbian squirt, ffm oral, panties, kissing, public sex, movie theater, cunnilingus, lesbian 69, L7, Non-Consent, Submissive, Bimbo, Blackmail, Video, Video Camera, public blowjob, auburn, grinding, sisters, blonde, romance, Group sex, Fucking, analingus, Dildo, Aphrodisiac, Drug, Group, Forced, princess, barbarian, anal cousins, brother-sister, fellatio, marijuana, oral threesome, Webcam, Shower, Dominance, Titty Fucking, Surprised, Begging, lesbian exhibitionism, Dress-Up, Schoolgirl, Bride, Costume, Lesbian, Exhibitionist, 69, Interracial, Gangbang, Whore, beach volleyball, Ass Play, phone sex, shoe store, toe-sucking, foot fetish, Cum on Face, Unconscious, parking, Exhibition, sex on the beach, cum, pussy-licking, cum-swallowing, group blowjob, Spit-Roast, Dress, popcorn, oral, peeing, Princess Dress, Translucent Dress, Teen, vibrator, Bridal, Futa, Teacher, lovers lane, rpg, game, slave, twins, young, strip, school, strip tease, strip club, voyeur, kickboxing, desire, jilling, Voyurism
  2. Tribulations of a Princess by JimJoeBob

    1 hour ago

    Delve into the life of a princess and make her life a nightmare.

    100% (552 users)
    17 Chapters Deep
    3rd Person, Female
  3. Celebrity Slave Cruise by Kurokami

    1 day ago

    A ship full of debt-laden celebrities pressed into slavery, and you've got yourself a ticket...

    100% (370 users)
    15 Chapters Deep
    2nd Person, Both
  4. My Daughter the Sociopath by samwalser

    1 day ago

    My daughter is brilliant, but she was born with no conscience, no sense of right and wrong. She's absolutely ruthless when it comes to getting what she wants, and on of the things she wants is dominance and control over her father.

    100% (110 users)
    8 Chapters Deep
    1st Person, Male
  5. The Tower by Ignorethis

    1 day ago

    The world as we knew it ended on December 21, 2012. Giant organic towers rose across the earth, with monsters swarming out of them with the intent to breed any women they can drag back to their lair. Follow the eyes of Eveline Union, who is looking for her sister within the tower, and numerous other members of the Rose Squadron, an all female combat unit, who are trying to push back the tower, discover it's secrets, and reclaim the earth. But mostly they all just get fucked by monsters.

    100% (1,514 users)
    57 Chapters Deep
    3rd Person, Female
  6. Free To Use For A Week by alternatereality08

    1 day ago

    In the distant future, new measures have been taken to help combat sexual assault. These measures made it so a large group of women would be stripped each week, both of clothes and most basic rights. These women would be free to use and abuse for that week.

    100% (44 users)
    6 Chapters Deep
    3rd Person, Both
  7. Agent Aphrodite by ThrowAwayPenguin

    5 days ago

    You are Jennifer Beasley, a young secret agent working towards stopping a nefarious and sexy plot.

    100% (92 users)
    12 Chapters Deep
    Humor & Satire
    2nd Person, Female