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  1. Cum Addiction by JohnLocke4

    19 minutes ago

    Some people have a medical condition that require them to ingest semen everyday. Now, you know one of these people personally. You decide to help them.

    100% (3,048 users)
    60 Chapters Deep
    Science Fiction
    1st Person, Both
  2. The Demonic Idol by bob10

    3 hours ago

    The demonic idol : a statue who slowly changes peoples into demon, succubi, hellhound and maybe more

    100% (685 users)
    30 Chapters Deep
    2nd Person, Both
  3. The Tower by Ignorethis

    5 hours ago

    The world as we knew it ended on December 21, 2012. On that day, giant organic towers rose into the sky all across the world. What changed everything was what came out of them. Monsters rushed out of the towers grabbing women and taking them back to the towers to impregnate them and turn them into breeding stock. You play a solider, Eveline Union, who is looking for her sister within the tower, who was dragged into the tower during zero hour. You also have to try and uncover the mystery of the tower with your unit, the Rose Squadron, a large all female combat unit designed to fight back against the monsters. Then you have escape with as many of your squad-mates, and your sister, if at all possible.

    100% (499 users)
    27 Chapters Deep
    Science Fiction
    3rd Person, Female
  4. Succubi, and Other Strange Demons by Shassar

    6 hours ago

    A Warlock Prince finds himself in a realm of demons. Will he be able to escape with his soul intact? Will he want to escape? An illustrated CHYOA.

    100% (128 users)
    13 Chapters Deep
    Science Fiction
    3rd Person, Male
  5. Futanari World by styxmaster

    8 hours ago

    Futanari World is an alternate reality where every female is a futanari. this means that every girl has a dick, balls, and a vagina. This world is almost the same as ours except for the fact that girls have cocks bigger than guys. The average size of a dick-girl's dicks being 10 to 15 inches erect, this means that both sexes have more testosterone making them more horny and therefor making sex a less taboo. Sex is advertised more in the media, pg-13 now allows sex and nudity, and girl's bulges are more visible due to their massive sizes Doug (you) is a 19 year old boy who goes to high school and lives with his mom and two sisters, his dad died shortly after his younger sister was born, he loves his family in a platonic way only and has never had sex before. Blonde hair, thin, under average height, 6 inch dick erect. Crystal (older sister) she is 20 years old, almost 21 and is going to college. She comes home from college often, and is usually nice to her brother, whom she loves. Red hair, c-cups, average weight, taller than Doug, 12 in. dick erect. Sarah (younger sister) she is 18 years old and is a junior in high school, making jerking off her favorite activity. She loves spending time with her brother and often forgets her issues of Playgirl in his room. Blonde hair, thin, b-cups, 10 in. dick erect. Lisa (mom) she is 40 years old, often at work as a lawyer but when home likes to spend time with her family who she loves. Red Hair, d-cups, 14 inch dick erect. Still extremely attractive despite her age and how many children she's had

    100% (1,543 users)
    21 Chapters Deep
    2nd Person, Male
  6. The Second American Civil War by hammerhead1004

    10 hours ago

    What if Clinton won? This is a alternate history story set in a timeline that would never of happened (probably). This is not meant as an attack on either candidate and is not supposed to be politically charged in anyway. Don't take it too seriously.

    100% (63 users)
    15 Chapters Deep
    1st Person, Both
  7. Futa Planet by Katie's Kitties

    10 hours ago

    Due to a strange genetic disorder, women have begun being born with both a vagina and a penis. Men have become obsolete, and less and less of them are born. Today, in 2543, there are no more men, only massive-cocked Futa and a small minority of women.

    100% (829 users)
    25 Chapters Deep
    1st Person, Female
  8. Slut World by SwampThing

    10 hours ago

    Another erotic RPG, from either a male or female POV

    100% (1,144 users)
    91 Chapters Deep
    Erotic Couplings
    2nd Person, Both