totall controll

ruining my dads life

Chapter 1 by depravity depravity

Total controll

I am a 20 year old guy who lives at home with my parents and my sister. The girls in my family have ridiculously big tits. It has become impossible for me to look at them in a non-seksual way. My dick is always raging hard when I see my mom do the dishes or my sister dancing and jumping to her favourite tunes. I never even had a girlfriend and one day my mom asked me why. It was akward to admit but I told her I was distracted by her and my sister, that they were beautifull. She was flattered and offered to help me. “I am your mom so we can’t have sex, but I can help you in other ways.”

“See baby? There is no direct contact beween your dick and my pussy, so it’s completely fine. Omg i love how hard you grab my ass baby hmmmmm you’re so strong and manly but you’ll always stay my little babyboy” She was facing me , her big tits against my chest with my dick grinding over her soaked panties. Her ass felt so nice, i came within two minutes.

This became a regular thing. After dinner when she did the dishes, my dad was in his study and my sister was in her room, I walked up behind her and started grinding my dick on her ass. Every evening after dinner I rubbed my dick untill I came. One day my sister caught us but didn’t say anything, we did not notice her. The next day she sent me a snap. She had chosen an outfit that was way to revealing for her big tits. She wasn't allowed to follow class. Probably because all the boys and teachers were distracted by her young and curvy body. The snaps showed her big cleavage with the text" come pick me up from school, i'll make it worth your while" ;) xoxox

Look at those ridiculous cow-tits! I was harder than ever! I immediately skipped my class to pick her up. She got into my car and we drove away to a forest where is started sucking her tits. She said she saw what mom and i were doing and it made her so wet she had to have me. She didn’t care about if it was illegal or immoral, it was a primal urge she couldn’t resist. She got on top of me, started riding like crazy while smothering me with her gigantic boobs. We only stopped when our dad called to ask why we weren’t there for dinner. We had fucked all afternoon. She was leaking everywhere. That evening I said to mom I was too tired to help her with the dishes and went straight to bed.

What's next?

More fun
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