celebrity fuckfest

fan-fiction of hot babes of big n small screen

Chapter 1 by meri meri

our main character (john) moves from a some small town to L.A to make something of himself.he had no family or any relatives basically he was a nobody but little did he know it was all about to change.he rented a tiny apartment with just a bedroom,kitchen and a bath.now it was time to put some furniture and a little bit of other necessary things.he went out for some shopping. he just had this sudden urge to into the pawn shop.he went in and was looking around when he came by what look liked an antique statue.
for some reason he just couldnt resist buying it.he bought that statue after some haggling did buy a few other items and picked a pizza on his way home.when he reached his apartment he finished his meal and was quite tired.he remembered about hi purchase and picked the statue up and thought i should at least clean this thing before i put it somewhere.he was cleaning the statue thats when he noticed there was some sort of mist in the room and all of sudden a man about 7 or 8 feet tall appeared out of nowhere.john was startled he jumped back and tripped and blacked out.
he came to the next morning and thought what a weird dream he had last night maybe something was wrong in the water here.he got up went to wash up and when he came back there was the man again in his bedroom thats when he realized last night was no dream.he was quite afraid of what was happening.he mustered up the courage to ask the question to the man of what was he doing here and who the hell is he?
tall man: i was trapped in that statue for over a thousand years you freed me from my prison.i will grant you any four powers you desire.
john thought this was some elaborate prank someone was playing on him but then he realized no one knew him in this city.what the hell is happening here.

what powers does he chose?

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