Your World

Your World

Fantasies do cum true

Chapter 1 by 12inpen 12inpen

===This story is abandoned. If you wish to take it over please message me. I am working on my next project, taking what I learned here and from other stories. Thank you to everyone who gave me input.===

Parts ending with a '~' has been corrected.

{if Playing Game: == true}You feel like you are falling. You are certain you are in a dream. Currently blackness fills your world. With a single thought vivid colors start appear around you cascading across your vision. You ponder to yourself, 'Who am I?' You respond already knowing the answer, 'I am Jeff Smith.' As you float in the endless void you notice the colors start to fade unless you concentrate on them.

'How long have I been here,' you begin wonder. 'Just a few moments,' you recognize, of course this is just a dream. Looking down you try to figure out what is going on. You don't see a body. You see you are nothing. You try and remember how exactly your body looked. What do you picture? A Male body? A Female body? Or Something else?{else if Playing Game: == false}

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