Young cuckold

Young cuckold

Story of 1st time

Chapter 1 by Kia evans Kia evans

(Hey guys this is my 1st story please give me feedback and feel free to add your own chapters and hints and tips and if you like each page you read more people will see it thanks :) also i want this to be everyones story so put what choices you would like to see in future and i will do my best to write them where i think it will fit in the story enjoy!)

You and your girlfriend Hannah have only been together for a short while, as you left your last girlfriend for her she seemed more fun and younger Hannah is only just turned 18 and you are 21. You where lucky enough to take hannah's verginity so far your the only guy she's had.

You have just moved in to a small flat together in your hometown. it is an exciting time for you both it is the 1st time you will be living without your parents. Hannah has lots of ideas for the flat what kind of furniture she would like and where she would like it colours and all sorts but you just want to get everything moved in so you can go to sleep.

“The moving van is taking a while” you huff putting away the small belongings that you can. Hannah hugs you from behind and kisses you on the cheek and the back of your neck “don't be such a grump we finally got a new place!” She teases as you turn round and kiss her on her soft lips and smile at her her eyes lower slightly, and she gives that little smile she always gives when she's a little horny.

She pinches your nipple over your shirt as she always loves doing that when you're having sex with her you weren’t expecting it as you laugh and pull away “ow babe bit of warning next time!!” You say playfully still covering your nipples preventing another attack on your sensitive nipples.

Hannah places her hand on your crotch kissing your lips and moving in deep and passionately “want to have a bit of fun before the moving guys come” she giggles innocently before biting her lips and looking at you “do we have time...” before you can finish the question she drops to her knees and starts unzipping your jeans as she flops out your 6 inch cock and licks it in your head you hope the moving guys don't interrupt.

Do the guys arrive during your sesstion

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