XXXDimension Neptunia: Next-gen Wars

XXXDimension Neptunia: Next-gen Wars

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Chapter 1 by Myst Myst


A magical land of scientific and technological progress. The continent is divided into several nations, each protected by one of the Console Patron Units who oversee and guide its inhabitants. In turn, the CPUs are worshipped as goddesses and empowered by the physical manifestation of their people's faith - a mystical energy known as Shares.

Much of Gamindustri's history prior to the signing of the Treaty of Friendship is dominated by the Console Wars, an era of devastating battles fought between generations of goddesses for possession of Share energy. A care-free and amnesiac Neptune served as the catalyst that unified the other three CPUs against their true enemy, Arfoire. While now known as the Deity of Sin, she was once the God of Gamindustri before relinquishing her power into the four predecessors of the CPUs. Yet, in the years of self-imposed exile, she had become twisted and once again came to desire the power she once wielded. She had created much of the division and hatred throughout the Console Wars before being defeated, which also saw an end to the conflict.

Since then, the allied goddesses have overcome many other trials but would've been lost without the aid of their CPU Candidates, Oracles and friends.

Your own birth was a point of light in the dark chapters from when the insane Rey Reights - CPU of the fallen nation Tari - threatened Gamindustri with its destruction. Behind the scenes, she had united the independent R-18 Island along with the surrounding region into the nation of Eden. An alternate dimension CPU, kidnapped and brainwashed by Reights was installed as a puppet and empowered by an artificial Sharicite crystal. Through the bonds friendship Neptune had forged with Peashy, Reights' control over the CPU was eventually broken and her own defeat quickly followed. As Peashy returned to her home, she severed her link to the crystal and slowly it gathered the Edenites' faith into a new vessel:


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