Wife Adventures - Marriage Control

Wife Adventures - Marriage Control

Your wedding approaches. The next several months leading up to the special occasion will decide who wears the pants.

Chapter 1 by Crayman Crayman

You've been engaged for a few months now. Your bride-to-be, Emily, was a stunning brunette, and she knew it. She was average height, 5'7", but there was nothing else average about her. Her long wavy brown hair seemed to always shimmer with an unnatural glow which complimented her flawless skin. She wore a knowing smile and a pair of eyes that could see right through you; they were what drew you in the first time you met. Well, that, and the fact that she had a heavy set of D-cups which were mesmerizing.

A blessing and a curse. You wouldn't describe yourself as the jealous type, but she certainly did draw plenty of attention, whether she wanted to or not. When Emily agreed to date you, you thought of yourself as the luckiest guy on the world. You weren't overly attractive, or even too physically fit... But you were smart. Much smarter than most, in fact. It's what landed you such a high paying job in an accounting firm. Emily was currently studying to become a nurse while working part time at a daycare center.

You were sitting with Emily at the dining table, staring at a laptop screen. You'd been planning your wedding for what seemed to be hours. To you it was a tedious process which seemed to involve endless lists, names, numbers and expenses.

"This venue can seat around seventy... I know that it might not be enough, but if we put aside the numbers of children then we'll spare up a few seats. What do you think Mark? I mean, we can narrow it down more in the guest list." Emily looked at you curiously, hoping for your input.

"Yeah, sure thing..." You replied. It was the same response you've given in the past hour.

Emily typed the venue name down in her 'potential venue' list. She'd narrowed the list down from twenty to the last three.

"We're nearly done!" She exclaimed excitedly. You had no idea how women enjoyed this type of thing.

"The last list is the guest list. We've agreed on most of them, I know, but we're a little over." She frowned while watching you with a careful gaze. You weren't sure what she was thinking, as you've often found Emily hard to read.

"Okay. So what do we do?" You asked, weakly feigning enthusiasm.

"Well, we'll have to get rid of some. We have a total of fifty relatives attending... Fifteen close friends... And sixteen work colleagues." She said, eyeing you wearily. You now knew what the look was for.

You'd invited around ten colleagues, including your boss. Emily wasn't overly pleased to say the least, but you were pretty close with them... Well, most of them. Some of the guys you had to pretend to like. Typical 'lads' who lived the bachelor life and only worked in the firm for the money to support their wild lifestyles. Of course keeping happy relationships in the office was very important, so you always acted along with them. In fact, you were pretty sure they only wanted to come along to get a look at Emily. But things escalated when you agreed for them to bring a plus one, each. You hadn't really thought it through.

"But like you said, if we discount the children from the seat count... I mean, they can sit on the ground, surely." You began to say.

"Really Mark? Sit on the ground? You know that's not an option!" She interrupted from frustration.

"Okay, so what then?" You asked.

"You need to uninvite your workmates!" She replied, exasperated.

This was something you were dreading for her to say. You really didn't want to uninvite anyone... It'd hurt your reputation in the office, and you thought it was unfair. Most of the 'close friends' on the guest list were hers, anyway.

How do you respond?

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