What if...?

What if...?

A story of endless possibilities

Chapter 1 by Colleem Colleem

Authors Note: IF you want a certain Story, Arc or anything and are not willing to write it yourself, or are unsure about it, just send me a Message about what you would like to see :) maybe i can help you by writing something for you :)

and now... !

What if...

This is how some of the best stories in the universe begin. Nothing is as it seems to be.

The hero is suddenly the villain.

The villain is a hero.

But to reduce it to these simple words would be too simplistic. Because there is so much more than that.

In this story, each of us can write our personal version of events. Nothing is impossible, nothing that does not exist. I will try to follow another great writer here with giving you all the possibility to write your own story. It doesn’t have to involve superheroes or a certain way of sex, story or path. See it as a pit where we all throw in some nice stories.

For me it will focus a lot about different path of brainwashing, mind controlling and corrupting heroes, but also you can write about them turning into planet eating monsters or latex clad domina if you want.

What if… will give us all the option to go nuts and enjoy each other’s work. I would be happy if some of the really great writers on this side would add something. It is so much more fun to work together or get inspired by anyone else.

So here are some possibilities

You want a world where modern technology was never invented?

A world where superheroes have to fight dinosaurs in a stone-age world?

A world where the once most faithful women and men can think of nothing but sex?

You want to see what happens when you change parts of your hero's story?

See what happens if your hero or actress starts to grow into a hulk like monster with endless libido and hunger?

Be brave.

Enjoy it!

Go wild!

The only rule I want to set for this story is that everyone respects each other's versions, stories and chapters.

I look forward to reading your stories and of course to reading your comments about my or other chapters.

What's next?

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