Voyage of the S.S. Strongarm

Voyage of the S.S. Strongarm

"No matter where you go in the universe, you will always be fucked." - Random Commenter

Chapter 1 by MrFinesse MrFinesse

You are the lone pilot too the S.S. Strongarm, a lightspeed fast exploratory vessel ment for deep space expeditions and missions and you have a very important mission.

About a year ago, the First Galactic Power (Basically humanity after they've mastered space travel), or the F.G.P., recorded an unexplainable annomoly far beyond the mapped region of space. They don't know what it is or why it's happening, but it eminates large amounts of energy both known and unknown by current science. You, as a somewhat skilled recruit of a branch of military known as The Fence (Soldiers and squads focused on protecting and claiming distant territories, and dealing with both outer rim and deep space threats), have been sent out to investigate and research it and report all findings back. You've been given a basic ship, supplies, combat and research equipment, a few androids to act as maintenance and basic crew, and an assistive A.I. called M.I.S., short for Mission Intelligence System. You have travelled across space for almost a year and have 2 more to go, at least. You are close to your destination and would be able to start your research soon.

You don't like to be far from home, and if The Fence's casualty track record is any indication, you may not even return to earth at all, but this is a regular part of the job and what you signed up for. Granted, you signed up hoping to kick alien ass and teach space women to love, but that's besides the point. Bottom line is, this is your job and it puts food on the table, even if you're light years away from it. Though, the silence and amazing views as you hurdle through the cosmos is very relaxing, and the privacy is also enjoyable, time to think out loud, record log entries, write down ideas, and contemplate important aspects and issues of mortality like what is the meaning of life or why you can't wear white after labor day (It is to find meaning in life, and because it looks bad). All the time while talking to a feminine voiced computer system to aid and help.

You wake up in your bed, startled by the sudden flick of the automatic lights, but you lift up your covers, sit up to the right side, rub your eyes of the sleep, and gaze out the window, watching as you pass by a near nebula of newborn stars, relatively young when compared to time in general and not exactly near, but close enough for you to see and absurb through the light filtering windows. You are probably the first living person to see it with your own eyes, the spun circle-like shape mixing bright dots with large gas oceans of orange and green. Almost a portrait painted by existence. Though, waking up to something like this for almost a year straight can kill the magic and beauty so quickly, but still, it is a nice sight. The fabric against your skin and sleepwear is always soft, freshly cleaned each day cycle. Your momentary enjoyment of life is broken by the words of metalic female gender. "Captain, it's time to wake up. Current calculations show it is 9:00 am back on Earth, eastern standard."

But, lets not get too far now. What or who are you anyway? An A.I. in a body? A human? Some strange alien race? And what gender?

What are you?

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