Vampire Invasion

Vampire Invasion

What happens when vampires spread throughout a small town.

Chapter 1 by Teamx Teamx

Cassie Smith didn't have the greatest life

A middle aged single mom of two daughters, living paycheck to paycheck in a small two bedroom apartment. Her husband ran off years prior, leaving her to raise 2 kids on her own and working long hours to make ends meet. She didn't understand why her ex left her cause she thought she still looked great for her age. Shoulder length blonde hair, a nice ass and decent sized breasts. Cassie was feeling pretty lonely due to working all the time and not dating anyone lately. The girls have told her to try online dating but hasn't given it much thought.

Cassie sighed as she exhaled smoke and put out her cigarette. She felt guilty smoking inside the apartment but both girls told her that they didn't mind. It was too much of a pain to go outside from the second floor. Cassie suspects that one or both girls were smoking themselves due to cigarettes missing from her pack.

Other than missing cigarettes Cassie was proud of how she has raised both girls. Both do well at school and don't get into trouble. They get along fine even though they share a bedroom. Sarah, her oldest, was skinny with long blonde hair and spent a lot of her time with her best friend :Libby. Cassie knew she has dated guys in the past but she don't think she was seeing anyone now. Rachel , her youngest, was a self admitted nerd. She loved comic books and dressing up as characters at conventions. She had a slightly chubby frame but it didn't look bad on her. She wore glasses with her hair dyed a different color by the month. Rachel stayed home a lot, preferring to be online than be out and about. She has never mentioned any boyfriends really.

Rachel was home in the room next door and Sarah was over Libby's house for the night

Who to follow, Rachel, Sarah or someone else??

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