Unusual Gift Received in my Grandfather's Will

Unusual Gift Received in my Grandfather's Will

Isn't Mind Control Great

Chapter 1 by Pr. Nyx Pr. Nyx

So there I was in my hotel room in a state of utter shock. I, along with about 15 members of my family, had just been to the reading of my grandfather's Will. All of my relatives, especially my sisters and all the other granddaughters, had done extremely well financially from the will. Hence my shock when all I received was an envelope which contained a hand-written letter and a gold ring.

I won't bore you with all the details of the letter, but I will tell you of the main points of interest. Firstly, my grandfather left me his small antique and art store (like what the hell did I know, or care for that matter about antiques and art -- I was 20 years old for Christ's sake). However, after reading the rest of the points, the method behind my grandfather's madness became apparent.

Secondly, the ring, which he explained was once worn by a Peruvian king who was worshipped as god. With this ring the King had complete control over his people, and anybody who had worn this ring since had the ability to control, perhaps not a whole country but certainly anyone in their company.

I had great trouble believing this, but pieces started falling into place: my grandfather explained how he had made such vast sums of money from such a small store. With the help of the ring he had amassed a large clientele of the wealthy in the city, who he sold items to them for a large multiple of their actual value. Also he explained that wealth was not the only advantage of the ring, saying that had I never wondered why all off his assistants in the store were always hot young girls who always seemed strangely interested in him. He said he would leave the rest to my imagination.

So being his only grandson, he had entrusted me with the ring.

Still confused, I sat in my hotel room wondering was this for real or was it a final practical joke on my grandfather's behalf. I had to find out, and had two options, call for room service or go to the bar.

Do I call room service?

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