Ugly John

Sexist Ugliest Mutant

Chapter 1 by Sithpony Sithpony

Most of the other students, some teachers behind your back and your own parents prefer to call you "Ugly John" a hurtful and slowly anger inducing name that while not unfitting has grown to be used more then your given name of John Wilson Jr, non the less you are a mutant studying at Xavier's Institute for Extraordinary Youths but unlike others such as Iceman or the highflying Angel you have no incredible ability's like laser eyes or claws of metal instead you are simple ugly.

To be more specific your body has been mutated in such a way that all of your hair has left your body and been replaced by thick veins of blood that do absolutely nothing.

The Docter aka the Beast has said that your mutant biology has yet to fully manifest that eventually you will undergo a second or rather latent stage of your mutation that could result in anything, but until then you are just Ugly John a man with no hair, big veins and a ugly face though you blame the last one on your parents.

You suddenly feel a chance what happens

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