Time Control

Time Control

A time-manipulating story

Chapter 1 by 8inchesandcounting 8inchesandcounting

You've always thought you were special. You've always felt a bit different than your friends, family, and peers, like you were meant to be bigger and better than what you are and what they can achieve. You suspect most people feel this way, like they're the center of the universe. Maybe it's ego, maybe we all have some locked away purpose.

On the morning of your 21st birthday, you awaken in your house with everything as normal. The alarm is at 6:59, one minute before it's meant to go off. You're always waking up right before your alarm, that last minute or two of sleep always feeling like an extreme loss. You rustle out of bed, and head for the shower.

Finishing up, you take a look in the mirror. You're satisfied you've grown into a man, even if it took a little longer than you'd have hoped. You're generally pretty fit, and you've been told many times you are pretty attractive. Your cock, the thing every guy hopes measures up, sits erect at a solid 7", with a nice girth to boot. Women in your life have often complimented on it, saying it's "pretty", being circumcised and smooth. You finally stop admiring yourself in the mirror and head to your room to grab your phone, wallet, and such to start the day.

Your alarm is still sitting at 6:59. At first, you figure the power must've went out, but that would leave the clock blinking at 12:00... right? Confused, you look out the window. The sun is rising, but something is quite wrong. The birds outside your window are frozen in the air, a woman across the street is stopped in mid-stride. You panic for a moment, unsure of what's happening. Surely, you're dreaming? Someone pulling a prank? You find yourself wishing time would resume, when suddenly, it does!

Rubbing your eyes at this extremely confusing situation, you figure you must be asleep still. You think about time stopping once more, and it seems to do just that! The birds stop, the woman once again freezes, even the trees that were swaying in the gentle Spring wind stand still. You try this a few more times, when you're startled by your alarm suddenly blaring, indicating that (from your perspective) barely a minute has passed even though you've been subjected to at least half an hour.

After some experimentation with things like tossing a ball and catching it yourself, watching the events unfold outside, and finding out what triggers the power, you come to a conclusion:

You have the ability to start and stop time. Thinking about stopping time stops it, but not entirely. While everything ceases to move on it's own, you can still interact with objects, such as throwing a ball, and things that you interact with, like your phone or the computer, seem to still work, but only when you will it to be so. Touching things and willing them to work in this time-stopped phase will make them do so, such as turning on a previously frozen ceiling fan. It shouldn't work this way, if matter and energy are frozen, things like the internet or a fan motor should cease working until time is resumed.

You also discover you're apparently able to bring living beings with you, as you try with your cat Butters. However, whatever he interacts with doesn't seem to respond much, as he found out while trying to play with his ball of yarn and it barely reacting, only moving a bit as if it weighed much more than it actually does.

"This is insane!" you think, but you can't help but think about all of the possibilities, most of them perverted, as you head out the door with a slight grin on your face.

(Writers note: This story is best experienced with Game Mode ON, as otherwise you'll miss out on some content, and chapter flow won't make as much sense. Let me know what you guys think in the comments! Be sure to hit the Like button if a chapter gets you off :D)

Where do you take your newfound power?

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