Tie up Games

Playing tie up games with friends/family. Want to tie up someone or be tied up.

Chapter 1 by zerat08 zerat08

As far as you can remember you have always been fascinated with bondage. Whether it was a girl tied up in a cheesy film while the villain twirled his mustaches or was it a magician doing an escape stunt hanging upside down while struggling in his/her restraints. You where always embarrassed by this and never told anyone. Most of your "obsessions" was finding movies or scenes where someone was tied up and practicing tying knots with scarves and socks in your bedroom behind closed doors.
It scratched your itch for a while but as you grew older you wished you could share it with someone and you where looking for ways to introduce it to them without coming off as a weirdo. You hoped going to college you would get to experience new things, but sadly things didn't change much for you.
First off are you a boy or a girl?

Boy or girl?

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