The world of monsters

The world of monsters

Weird things are happening as strange woman are turning up at your house claiming your something your not, what lengths will they go to in order to convince you?

Chapter 1 by Dan4455 Dan4455

I will be updating the story rather than posting new chapters to better fit around the ideas I have so keep an eye out for chapter updates.

Oh boy here we go

(You) called Dan Tatomario have always acted well... let’s just say off, never fitting in with any particular crowd preferring to stay to yourself. This probably explains why you’ve never been on a date or even kissed a girl or never had any real friends. But your kind grandmother has the answer to all your problems a, dating app that she kindly has installed on your computer (isn’t that convenient for the plot). But something’s off about this dating app wired things have been happening all around you you’ve started seeing things straight from horror movies having very weird (and sexy) dreams. You get the feeling that your being watched by hundreds of eyes and they don't feel friendly.

Well this is just great isn’t it, your nineteen years old with zero friends and the closest you’ve ever come to a girl is giving her a hug, and that was from your grandmother. I mean you couldn’t get any more pathetic you have zero confidence and you’re branded as the freak of the whole town. And to top it all off you have this annoying yet attractive voice in your head narrating everything that happened.

After a long day of dealing with nothing but shit from both students and teachers, you feel relieved to be walking up to your house. Just as your about to put your key in the door thoughts of a weekend spring into your mind, doing nothing but relaxing in the pitch black pit that is known as your room playing games and indulging in less than a healthy lifestyle.

You slam shut the door behind you and dump your bag that is almost bursting with the amount of homework you have that yet again left to the last minute. “Gran” you call out but no one replies.

However, your attention is quickly drawn to your fridge since your house is not that large it’s easy to spot things out of place and a large piece of paper reading Urgent in red ink is hard not to miss.

‘Hello dear sorry for the short notice but I’ve had to pop out for the weekend, now I know you said you didn’t want a girlfriend but I think it will be good for you if you had someone your own age to talk to. You’re almost twenty years old now Dan you can’t spend the rest of your life alone in your room, that’s why I’ve set you up on a dating site that was recommended to me.

Now I want you to at least try this young man and to make sure you do I’ve had someone lock until you have set up an account so there is no worming your way out of this young man.

Love Gran.

P.S won’t be home until Monday

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