The prep. school

The prep. school

Used to always having their way, 4 students discover life's made of tough choices

Chapter 1 by Datm-e Datm-e

Math had always been something that came rather easy to me. From middle-school to high school, to college, math was there helping me out. It was my skill in math that got me a scholarship and, ultimately, landed me this new job. Yea, math did a lot for me in many ways, but it never really got me anywhere... socially speaking. We all remember high-school… but can you remember that popular math-head? Neither can I. I remember having kissed only two girls throughout high school. Two! I knew morons who misspelled their own names who'd had more action than I did. As horny as the next teenager, or more, this led to countless bathroom visits to relieve my ever-rising boners. Short skirts, giggly girls, panties-peeking, P.E. tights, it was all too much for a boy who was always on the edge. If I were a betting man, I'd say no one unloaded more strings of sperm in those bathroom stalls than I did. And every time I did it, it felt so unfair not to have a 'friendly hand' to help out. Or mouth! My god, what I wouldn't have given for a blowjob back then. I would've sold my own mother if the right girl had offered. My mind was so sexually charged that I used to have this game where I fantasized about whether which girl had done this or that behind walls. I even managed to convince myself that, if a girl had yellow teeth, then for sure she was a swallower... or at least that's how many of my bathroom sessions came to a happy ending.

But life went on, high school ended, and I was now a teacher in this ridiculously posh prep school. One of those where preppy girls arrive in Cadillacs and have chauffeurs open the doors for them. I never bothered to check, but I'm sure the fathers and mothers of that school were nothing less than senators, governors and other money-loaded businessmen assholes. The job itself was alright, though, the school paid well and teaching high-school math was a breeze. I taught 4 classes and I basically only had to work 4 days a week. The school was all fancy and picturesque, made of stones and with curtain drapes all over. But the students... these were pretty much exactly what I remembered from my days. Only richer more self-entitled. And with shorter skirts and enticing cleavages. Good lord these girls were sexy. - Good thing I outgrew that boner phase of high school. - I thought walking down the main hall. - I'd be in serious trouble if I were a student here. - I had grown up to be 6.2" and was quite in shape now. It felt good to be finally respected in such an shitty environment, there was no need to be anxious around anyone anymore. I had my own office and the confidence I wish I had back in my teenage days. I had been teaching there for about 6 months and it all seemed to be working out fine. I'd come to school, I'd teach, I'd go home. Repeat. All I really cared about was my paycheck and refilling my personal image bank with new images of perky asses, toned legs and devilish smiles. I'd broken up with my ex about two months prior, and the late night porn sessions were proving a bit more boring lately. And precisely when I was “snapping” another image for my bank, Erica approached me by surprise. I’d been deliberately staring at her friend Monica’s panties as she stretched down to grab a pen from the floor.

"Mr. Archer, are we going to have some kind of review for the finals before week?"

"Er, hi Erica. Finals? Well, I mean. Oh, finals! No, I don’t think so, we reviewed most of the content last week, remember? This week is for practice exercises only."

"But Mr. Archer, I’m not confident at all, I think I’m going to bomb it!"

"Well, Erica, I suggest you hit the books hard, then. It’s a bit late in the year, but maybe if you marathon it and do all the exercises…"

"This is so unfair, Mr. Archer! Math is just impossible! I tried my best all year and now this?! Can’t we have just some kind of…"

To my rescue, the school bell rang loudly, letting everyone know the period was over. I looked over at Erica, now a bit teary, and gave her a friendly smile and a pat on the shoulder. It was my last class of the day and, as I made my way to my office, I began realizing just how hot Erica was. Light-brown hair with a heart-shaped face that matched two extra-light blue eyes. Perfect teeth and a cute smile to go with it. She was slender and always wore knee-high socks with a short plaid skirt that time and time again gave me a nice direct view of her panties. She was one of those front-row seaters, you know? But I wasn't complaining... As I reached my office, her teary and helpless face had me wondering if that’s how she looked as she blew her boyfriend. Did she even have a boyfriend? It was impossible not to wonder about my students' sexual exploits, though. All the novelty, all the hormones… I shook my head as I made my way to the bathroom of my office to take a leak. That's right, in the fancy school every teacher got their own bathroom. I made myself as comfortable as I could in the tiny space and, just for kicks, I decided to stroke my length a bit… thinking of Erica. That particular spot I was in brought back memories… and just as it was starting to feel good I hear a knock on my door. - "Son of a bitch! Perfect timing, huh?!" - I said to myself as I remained quiet, hoping the idiot would just give up and leave. It was silent for a second until an even louder knock came. God I was angry - "Can’t I have 5 minutes of peace in this place?!" - A third round came, followed by the creaking of my door opening.

"Mr. Archer? Mr. Archer?! Are you here?"

"Erica? Was that seriously Erica? Had she just followed me to my office? God damn it, these kids have never had ‘no’ for an answer in their entire life, had they?" - I zipped up, adjusting my dick as best as I could and stormed out of the bathroom.

"What is it, Erica?! What are you doing here? I was in the bathroom, can’t people respect that anymore?!" - I said staring at her, before realizing four other girls were standing by the door.

"I’m sorry, sir, it’s just that we saw you coming in and…"

"And what? And you thought it was ok to enter my office uninvited? At lunch time?!"

We’re really sorry, sir, it’s just…

"Just what?" - I said, before turning my head to Tamara, a wannabe half-Spanish cool girl who I always spotted smoking cigarettes by the football field. - "What is it that couldn't wait until tomorrow? No, no, let me guess. Did you think that if you all came in to support Erica I’d change my mind?"

"No, sir… we… we’re actually here for the same reason. We’re all on the verge of failing math, you know? After you spoke with Erica she told us what happened and we all decided to come here to talk to you."

"Were they really all failing? Four people? That’s roughly a quarter of the class. Maybe I kind of sucked at this." - I quickly pondered. - "Look girls, I’m sorry to hear that, but I just can’t change the school calendar to fit your needs. This is the last week of classes and next week is the finals." - At that point two of the girls began crying loudly, Tamara began complaining and Erica began to plead with her hands and a puppy face. - "What aren't they getting? I actually can’t snap my fingers and create an extra week in the year because their spoiled asses want it. God damn…"

"You have to help us, Mr. Archer! You have to… you have to…" - Moped Alice in the back of the room. By this point they were basically talking to themselves, crying, complaining and moping. This was getting on my nerves, I was hungry, I was horny and I was not in the mood for drama.

"Girls, please. There’s nothing I can do, you should have…"

"We can pay you." - One of them said, a bit shyly and silence took over the room. I couldn't pick up who it was, but it looked like it was Debbie.

"Yea, we have money. Our parents are rich." - Said Anna, addressing me for the first time.

"Are you trying to bribe me? Did you really just do that?!"

Panicking, the rush of lamentations restarted._ - "_No! I mean… we just can’t fail, Mr. Archer. Which university would ever take us if we had to redo a whole year?! Our parents will murder us, our lives will be ruined!" - Pleaded Debbie.

"We thought…" - Erica began speaking when I started making my way towards the door, decidedly.

"No, please don’t tell on us, Mr. Archer!" - Yelled Alice. - "We’re sorry, we didn't mean…"

_"_Oh you didn't, huh? You’re telling me you didn't just offer me money so I would let you pass?" - I asked, seriously staring at the girls before continuing my march.

_"You can’t be serious! Now we’re gonna get expelled, too! Fuck my life!" _- Tamara mumbled loudly.

"Mr. Archer, please!" - They all yelled at once.

As I reached the door, I immediately closed it shut and locked it, to the amazement of everyone in the room. The puzzled look on their faces continued as I made my way back to the futon in the middle of my office, comfortably sitting on it and adjusting myself. I proceeded to unbuckle my pants and in a matter of seconds, I was lying in my underwear to their surprise. I had finally decided to see how serious these spoiled brats really were. - "'Ruining our lives'... Gimme a break! They could probably buy a fucking university if they wanted!"

"Oh my god! What the… Mr. Archer?!" - Questioned Erica.

_"Ladies, your situation is very simple. You can leave right now and go study math on your own or I can drop by Principle Cartwright’s office and have you expelled for trying to bribe me. Either way, things aren't looking so good for you right now." – The tears came back now and the girls began exchanging looks of despair. - "But there’s a third option, too..." _- I continued - "I'm not an unreasonable man, you could always..."

Always what?

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