The night stalker

the darkness sees all

Chapter 1 by Lockmann Lockmann

It was a warm summer night. The stars barely visible thru the light of the city. A short brunette about 5' and 145 lbs.we'll call her Janet. Janet is thick in all the right places with large dd breasts is out for a jog. unbeknownst to her, her night is about to take an unfortunate turn for worse. As she heads down the dimly light jogging path down by the river a sinister figure lurks in the shadows near by. what nefarious plans does he have in store for this young woman. Janet has on tight spandex jogging shorts and a neon pink sports bra which strains to contain her massive tits. a bead of sweat rolls down her neck across her collar bone and between her breasts.

What's next?

More fun
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