The husband of Tatsumaki

The husband of Tatsumaki

She more of a handful than the monsters

Chapter 1 by Dan4455 Dan4455

(This is a slow burning story with few erotic sense to begin with.)

A cold Saturday morning, you look out your window the sky is filled with grey clouds spitting small flakes of snow that settled on the ground Your house sits in a remote area it prevents reports from hounding Tatsumaki about the Hero Association. Peering into your bedroom you see your love sprawled over your bed her small body covered with one of your t-shirts a small trail of drool hangs out of her mouth. it looks massive on her like a small blanket Her arms are wrapped around your pillow nuzzling into it you have no idea why, but she can’t seem to sleep without cuddling something and that ‘something’ is normally you, whether you want to or not.

Despite her appearances she actually seven years older than you are and ridiculously powerful, you know she won’t hurt you, at least you don’t think she will. When she’s pissed off she just holds you down on the floor with her powers until you apologise or gets bored ile she will never admit it to anyone not even to you, she does love you and will grind anyone who tries to hurt you into dust .

You woke up early to make her breakfast, pancakes with some syrup butter coffee and for bones points a rose in a small vase. You’ve been with her for just over two years now and your thinking of asking her to marry you and that gets you existed and terrified at the same time.

Slowly opening the door you make your way inside and place the tray on the table next to the bed “Tat, wake up” whisper say softly, gently rocking her shoulder. “Mmm,” she buries herself deeper into the blanket her emerald green hair disappearing under the white pillow. “Tat it’s almost ten” you shake her a bit harder “Let me sleep,” she says groggy her voice muffled under the pillow.

If there’s one you learnt over these two years it’s how to get her out of bed “Fine I guess I’ll have to eat these pancakes by myself then”.

“Pancakes?” she asks curiously she pulls her head out from the covers. Her hair was a mess like it always was in the morning it was naturally curly, but now it looked like a big green ball of fuzz, she lifts the tray up with her powers from the side over on to her lap.

“Why did you wake me up?” the knife and fork lifted up and started to cut the pancakes because last time I left without saying anything you got angry with me.”

“Where are you going?”


Her eyes narrowed “you’re up to something”

“What makes you say that?”

She just stared at you her green eyes burrowing into your skull “Can’t a guy just make breakfast for his sexy girlfriend?” Her face immediately changes, a deep blush appeared on her cheeks as she started eating avoiding eye contact.

“I just have a few errands to run, you know the grab shopping”. She polished off her pancakes “you’re a terrible liar, just be careful”

“You don’t have to worry about me I’m not as helpless as you think”

“Ha! It’s my job to worry, you’re like a child”

“Yes mommy,” you say teasingly

“Shut it!” a pillow fly’s towards your face knocking you onto the floor Tat gets up and started to dress herself slipping the large top off her small body. She’s always been sensitive about her figure she’s twenty-eight but looks much younger her small chest is something she’s very ‘funny’ about.

Once she dressed you move over to her and plant a kiss on her lips as you move your hands down her back causing her to shudder. As you come to her plump but she lets out a gasp as you grab it and start to roll your fingers “I’m heading out”

“Just don’t do anything stupid” she hovers up wrapping her arms around you neck planting another kiss on your lips.

“and call me when you're home, we have dinner plans tonight.”

What's you plan

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