The day

The day

Reborn as demon

Chapter 1 by CrazeFanatic CrazeFanatic

In a world where angels and demons are in an endless war against each other, will Danny rule over the land or stop it.

Until now, my life has never been better. I came from a filthy rich family. A beautiful girlfriend. Captain of the football team. What else could I wish for.

My girlfriend Emily who was the same age as me was the best thing that ever happened to me. Her brunette hair reaching her waist, with her atlethic build her breasts are an A cup bordering on B. She's well toned and has a tight ass (which I stare at). I guess I would say of her most charming chatacter is her smile always elegant and charming always positive.

My best friend Leo or captain of the basketball team, we were best of buds since forever. I met him in kindergarden and he has been by my side since. We alwyas had each others back no matter teh consequences. "Bros before hoes" that was our rule you could say. Times changed but we're still best of friends.

And there's my family or rather just me. I have my mom and my dad and I was their only child.

Finally there's me. I'm firmly built with my six pack hard as a rock. My brownish hair in a pompadour haircut. My blue eyes were said to be the most attractive feature on me or so I've heard. I lived with my girlfriend and this mansion built from my likings. I had 2 cars one of it is the 460 hp GranTurismo MC Stradale and the other was a 7L V12 Aston Martin Vulcan.

But what was waiting for me at the end of the line was beyond one's wildest dreams.


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