The Witcher

The Witcher

Adventures of a character in the world of the Witcher

Chapter 1 by adam17017 adam17017

Geralt of Rivia rode his way through the winding cobblestone streets of Novigrad, a free city within the Kingdom of Redania. Becoming a Witcher meant going through a series of tests, back at the Witcher fortress of Kaer Morhen, which few ever survive. Every single person put through the trials is only a child, so that if they pass the tests, their body is able to adapt to the mutations needed for them to become Witcher's. Not everyone survives these mutations, and everyone comes out different than the way they started. "Freak!" Shouted a civilian standing behind his food cart, as Geralt passed by, his horse snarled and bared his teeth at the man, making him cower.

"Easy Roach" Geralt soothed, as they travelled to their destination. With these mutations, Geralt now had yellow wolf eyes, and long white hair. He was able to drink potions that would poison a regular man to enhance his senses and strength, and the mutations changed him so that he could not . Geralt carried two swords on his back, one to kill humans, and the other to kill monsters. Killing monsters for money was what Witchers have been reduced to now, and that is what Geralt was doing in the city now. He had completed a contract to destroy a nest of nekkers and he was coming to collect his reward. The war between Nilfgaard and Redania had been raging these past few weeks, and it was getting more difficult to travel around. With bloodshed, came blood thirsty monsters, "at least it's good for business" he said to himself in his deep monotone voice.

Geralt was a Witcher of the Wolf school, in total there are four schools of Witchers, the Wolf, Griffin, Ursine, and Feline, which you could tell by the medallion they received once completing their trials. Witchers didn't really have a very good reputation among the populace, because of their perceived love of gold, the rumor that they eat babies (not true), and that they have no emotions. In fact Witchers do have emotions, it's just that at a young age, they are taught that emotion is a great weakness, and so they hide their emotion particularly well among the people, especially when talking contracts.

Geralt is no stranger to a little romance, as his list of romantic interests is extremely long, though the two most prominent among that list are sorceresses Yennefer and Triss. Sorceresses are known for being deceiving and manipulative, and extraordinarily beautiful. It is common to see a sorceress using her magic to maintain her youthful appearance. There is a top secret group of the most powerful sorceresses who were recruited, to create the Lodge of sorceresses. This group is a succesor to a former group, the brotherhood of sorcerers, that essentially failed. Triss had been the late King of Temeria's advisor, and all King's used to have a sorceress as their advisor, until the failure of the brotherhood of sorcerers.

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