The Wedding Band

Chapter 1 by dirtyice dirtyice

John never cared much for birthdays. It was just another day that no one would notice him. Not that there was much to notice. At eighteen he had yet to truly distinguish himself. He was just an average kid.

This, so far, had been the most average of birthdays ever. He had woken up to his mother coming in and singing the song and had gotten plenty of well wishes at school, but there was nothing to make him think this would be the day that changed his life.

Upon arriving home from school, John went to his room, and on his pillow was a simple white letter. Opening it he found inside a letter and a plain gold ring. Ignoring the letter he reached in and tried to remove the ring but as soon as he touched it he felt a pain in his finger and pulled it back. Blood was running from his finger as John tried to figure out what could have cut him!

After about five minuets of searching coming up empty John dumped the ring out and sat down to read the letter:

Dear John,

If you are reading this then it is your 18th birthday and you have finally become a man. As you begin you journey through life you will find all sorts of problems come your way. Life it seems takes hard work and discipline, but I wanted to pass down a family heirloom that will make at least one part of your life much easier. Just give this ring to anyone you wish and when they put it on reality will change to make them believe they are married to you.

I hope you will use this ring to find the one for you (after you have had some fun of course)!

Grandpa George

John put the letter down. It was crazy! There is no such thing as a ring that makes anyone believe they were married to you. Grandpa had obviously lost a few marbles in his old age.

Deciding to get something to munch on John left the ring on his bedside table and headed downstairs.

Does someone try on the ring?

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