The Statue of Jocasta

The Statue of Jocasta

Incest is back, back in black

Chapter 1 by Luka32 Luka32

*ring, ring* *ring, ring*…. *Click* “Report.”

“We lost something from the restricted vault.”

“Lost. What did ‘we’ lose?”

“Serial number 0001.”

“The Order of Saint John doesn’t lose things from the vault! If this breaks containment we may not be able to contain it again. If it spreads… it could take centuries to fix.”

“My people are looking. I can fix this.”

“You have twenty-four hours. If it’s not back by then I’ll have to call the main office.”

“Yes sir. Deus Vult.”

“Deus Vult.” *Click*


My name is John Doe. I’m going to college to get a computer science degree. I’ve been a computer nerd my entire life. By the time I was in middle school I was rebuilding my family computer, and hacking everyone I knew.

I’m twenty years old. I still live at home in the suburbs with my little sister and mom.

I turned 20 last month. Every year mom takes out a couple hundred bucks for me to buy myself something. Usually this turns into me buying a few games from gamestop, or upgrading my pc. This year though with the console switch just happening there isn’t much out I don’t have, and thanks to my sister buying me a graphics card I wanted I’m set.

So for the last month I’ve had this money burning a hole in my pocket without a single idea on what to spend it on. I decided it was time to go out and fucking buy something. So I jumped in the truck (20 year old black ford) and started cruising around looking for a place. After about an hour of checking out random shops I found myself in a pawn shop looking around for anything to catch my eye.

That’s when I saw it. A marble statuette of a women encased in glass with Greek letters engraved all over the surface. The thing that made me notice it was the giant pair of marble tits, and her suggestive pose. As I kept looking at it though it started to look like it was glowing purple, and almost pulsating. This thing must have a light in it or something.

“Yo, dude you going to just stare at that thing, or do you want to buy it.” The hippie behind the counter who smelled of cheap weed was staring at me with a blank eyed stare.

“Yeah, man how much?”

“I don’t know dude. How about 200 bucks?”

Talk him down, or just buy it?

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