The Queen's Partner

The Queen's Partner

Becoming a male drone

Chapter 1 by vinaren vinaren

John Doe was a perfectly normal guy. He was neither fat nor thin, neither tall nor short, neither too handsome nor too ugly. In fact, he was the kind of person you would never notice among the crowd. And, of course, his sexual behavior was normal too: he's interested in girls and girls only.

Somehow, he managed to get a girlfriend. Her name is Jessica. Unlike John, she was smart, beautiful and being born in a wealthy family. Seeing them together, people wondered how can they become a couple. Their friends affirmed that's because of the opposite attraction.

They mutually agreed that they would wait until both reached legal age. However, after they reached 18, another problem arose: Jessica was accepted by Hive, a high-class university which John's grade marks and financial condition didn't allow him to enter.

That didn't discourage John. After putting a lot of efforts, he was accepted by Hill University, which, although being a normal university, lied in the same city as the Hive University. One month late, but they could finally get together.

After receiving his room and unpacking his luggage, John decided to...

What would he do?

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